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What's the matter with the hero League live room being sealed? Cold night profile

It's not an overnight thing to talk about the mutual connection between the two game circles of King glory and hero League. Before that, my little brother had reported the hot news about the dispute between the two circles because of the problem of "promise" that ID belongs to. However, recently, something important happened again. The cold night of tiger tooth King's glory even mocked lol players in the live broadcast.

First of all, I'd like to introduce cold night to you. If you've noted our news before, you should know that cold night is the blogger who used to play for you on Weibo. He's also the coach of King glory KPL's first championship.

It happened in the recent champion's glory cup competition, which was explained live on tiger's teeth on a cold night. However, many black fans sent rhythmic words such as "mobile game still dare to call e-Competition" and "King's glory film game" in the screen. So the irascible cold night began to anger these black powder:

"Lol players are orphans without mobile phones! Those who brush bullet screens are all bronze and silver waste!"

"You come to bring the official live room with rhythm are all the wastes on the lol" and so on.

Not only that, cold night also said that he was a master of S1 season 400 points. But my little brother should remember that S1 has not appeared. He also said that his S1 main skateboarding shoes, but skateboarding shoes are 14 years before the hero. So these are basically the moments of cold night.

As you can see, although it is aimed at some black powder with rhythm, AOE has also been splashed on a lot of hero league players. Many lol players went to tiger teeth host poison Ji live studio to blow up the event. But this event, when the black powder with the rhythm of the cold night curse was transferred to the poison age, it became a cold night insult to lol players.

So Duji comes to the live broadcast room of cold night, and they connect with each other -- Duji asks cold night to apologize to the fans of the League of heroes. Cold night at that time may not know the reason why poison Ji came to ask him to apologize, so he asked poison Ji solo directly. However, Duji didn't agree. In the cold night, there were some very unpleasant words about Duji.

Also because of his rough words about poison age and some black and pink bullet screens, the studio of cold night was directly sealed by super tube during the live broadcast.

The fans of the League of heroes not only brush the bullet curtain in the live room of the cold night, but also the Huya live app has been implicated to some extent. In the comments, there have always been formation comments such as "the cold night is not sealed, the tiger's teeth will fall".

However, there are many heroes League anchors in Duji, such as Carl, fried sister, frog, ancient hand feather and so on.

In the end, it seems that there is a growing trend. In the cold night, maybe seeing the development trend is wrong, I apologized to all the fans of the hero League and Duji in the live broadcast. Duji stopped because of this, and also apologized to the fans because of some impulsive behaviors before. This matter came to an end.

Open the camera in cold night and bow to lol fans to apologize

So what do netizens think about this?

In the cold night, the Master Wang was caught by surprise

Lazy sheep have really worked

I dare to call it godlike. God insults me

I saw that my little brother told you that tiger teeth live app is very uncomfortable here, but I think it's all due to those crazy black fans with rhythm. Without them, there would be no such trouble!

Last serious question: what do you think about the fact that the League of heroes was rejected by poison Ji and fans in the cold night?