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Nine signs of men's unreliability: never marry a man like this

In fact, when two people get along, there are many signs that can help you see through each other's' true face 'and judge whether he is worthy of love. "Life times" listed for you '10 signs of his unreliability', how many of your family? For girls in love, never marry these men!


He's flirting with people

He keeps a regular date with you, and you're not worried about not finding him at all. That's good. But if he always makes an appointment to meet, and once he is out of the appointment time, it is difficult for you to find him, then you should consider what he is doing during his' not in the service area 'time.

Never tangle up with a man who has other ambiguous relationships. Whether he is married or has other partners, if a man steps on two boats, a woman should stay away as soon as possible.


Poor communication

The first date is hard to avoid tension, the other party's words are not fluent enough to understand. But if the communication comes down several times, you think he can't share his feelings well, and there are problems with your communication, you should be cautious.

In marriage, communication is very important. Effective communication can solve all kinds of problems in our life, otherwise we will fall into an unprovoked quarrel.


He has a bad relationship with his parents

Remember that a man who is not filial has a bad sense of responsibility for his family.

Focus on the relationship between him and his mother. If they have a harmonious relationship, at the same time, they can work independently of their mother and have their own rational judgment. Then, such a person is the ideal partner.


Make a fat face

Everyone loves face, which is understandable, but if his spending is beyond his ability to bear, there is a suspicion of excessive vanity.

To fight a fat man with a swollen face only shows that he is not mature enough, and he does not have a rational understanding of material life.


Say too much or too little about yourself

If you date, he always talks about his' heroic deeds', and the subject of almost every sentence is' I, I, I ', you should get out as soon as possible.

People who always focus on themselves will not care about your feelings after marriage. On the contrary, it's not a good thing if a man always turns a blind eye to his own affairs. He is secretive about his own affairs, indicating that he is concealing something or not sincere enough.


He's dating you. He's checking his cell phone a lot

Nowadays, everyone can't live without mobile phones, but mobile phones shouldn't be the 'third party' that seriously interferes with your relationship.

When dating, if he checks his cell phone every two minutes, or indulges in work, or chats with other people, he should be alert.


Aversion to small animals

If he has ever had a pet dog or cat and took good care of them, it shows that he has a spirit of dedication and a sense of responsibility.

If he hasn't raised them because of the limited conditions, but likes small animals and treats them very friendly, he can also be awarded points. But if you can feel his aversion to these animals, you should carefully examine his character.


Former girlfriend of Tucao

If he's divorced or has had an emotional experience, see what he thinks of his predecessor.

If he puts the responsibility of divorce or break-up on his predecessors, sneers at them and blames them heavily, it shows that he has not gained positive experience from previous experiences, but thinks it is the fault of others.


No body language

Body language is an important way of emotional expression.

If he can reflect body language properly, such as touching your arm when the atmosphere is good, or giving you a warm hug after being familiar, it means that he has no big problem in expressing intimate feelings.

If he always intentionally avoids physical contact, it means that he may be nervous about intimate behavior, which is not good for future sexual relations.


Don't aim for long-term relationships

If the two have a common long-term goal, the direction of their efforts will be the same.

When you talk about your long-term plan with him, if he opens his eyes in amazement and talks about him from the left to the right, it is necessary to consider whether he is serious about this relationship.