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What's the reason why all four of them are in love? China's top sound quality

In recent years, several TV dramas launched in summer have released leading trailers. At present, the most concerned ones are all ancient puppet dramas. Therefore, there are several plays with dubbing, so some netizens also lament that 'this summer vacation will be dominated by the voice of Bian Jiang, Ji Guanlin and Qiao Shiyu'.

today, I saw a picture on Weibo, and I immediately laughed out the sound of a pig. That's right. It's a picture of Ajie, Bian Jiang, Ji Guanlin and Qiao Shiyu. It says: the TV dramas you watch are all four of us in love. Isn't the picture very strong?

Zhao Liying and Lin Xin starred in the TV series "biography of Chu Qiao". The voices of the male and female protagonists are Qiao Shiyu and Bian Jiang respectively. "Drunk exquisite", male and female protagonists Chen Weiting, Liu Shishi's dubbing is Ji Guanlin, Bian Jiang, many netizens said dubbing is too familiar.

As for the frequent use of dubbing by actors, netizens' comments are also polarized. One side hopes that the live broadcast of the TV play will be, 'how can the voice actors change? They're tired of listening to all kinds of strings once they close their eyes. They used to be able to dub to save their acting skills. Recently, there have been performances that obviously can't keep up with the dubbing, which seems more embarrassing & hellip;'. On the other hand, they think that the lines of some ancient puppet actors may not be suitable, so it's better to dub.

Domestic voice actors are also benchmarking their Japanese counterparts. As the founder of the most famous dubbing studio in China, Jiang Guangtao believes that returning to animation, games, audiobooks, radio plays and translated films, which naturally need dubbing, is the future development trend of dubbing actors.

'the market is not mature yet. In order to realize the fan economy, we need to change everyone's voice consumption culture with pop-up products. As the most important voice sense consumer goods, there is still a lot of imagination space for all kinds of consumer goods, including audio books, in the future, but it needs more than one generation's efforts. 'said Jiang Guangtao.