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How did Yanxi attack Mingyu? Why does Mingyu commit suicide?

How did Mingyu die? The TV series "the strategy of Yanxi" is on the air. Mingyu was very annoying at first, but later found out that she was just a straightforward girl. She didn't have a bad heart. Finally, she died for Wei Luoying. When did Mingyu die?

How did Yu die

In Yanxi strategy, Mingyu was framed by his concubines and was pregnant before marriage. In order not to involve weiyingluo, he committed suicide.

In the TV series "Yanxi strategy", Mingyu's role is also of great concern, but Mingyu's ending is not very good. Mingyu was a female official of empress Fucha, and later became a good sister with Wei Yingluo. After the death of empress Fucha, their feelings became more profound. In the play, Mingyu liked helanza, but they didn't seem to be together.

After the death of empress FUCA, Wei Yingluo was made a noble person and then a royal concubine, so Mingyu and Wei Yingluo became master servant relationship, but there should be sisterhood.

Mingyu died in the end, wearing a red wedding dress and lying on the bed with scissors, while Wei Yingluo was crying in front of the bed. At this time, Wei Yingluo was already a princess.

Which episode of Mingyu died

Mingyu committed suicide around the fifty fifth episode. Originally she was going to marry helanca, but because the palace maid and the bodyguard had an affair that would affect weiyingluo, Mingyu put on her wedding dress and chose to commit suicide.

Mingyu likes Fu Heng's bodyguard fulanza. The affair of their affair was found out by another concubine. The concubine and Yingluo were sworn enemies, so they deliberately found Mingyu's stubble to punish Yingluo. In order to protect Yingluo, Mingyu committed suicide. In this way, Yingluo could be saved. She wore a red dress and took a pair of scissors and inserted them into her chest. Finally, she died in the bed. The red dress she wore was to express her love for fulanza. She also wanted to be with him when she died. If she can't be a husband and wife in the world, she will be OK after death.