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Is rainbow trout a salmon? What's the difference between rainbow trout and salmon?

Is rainbow trout a salmon? For those who like Japanese food, I don't think they can agree with this view. What's the difference between rainbow trout and salmon? Salmon are sea trout. Because rainbow trout and sea trout are salmon trout, we can't say that rainbow trout is' freshwater salmon '. Fresh water fish and shrimp are easy to infect parasites. Even the real salmon produced in the sea is not suitable for eating raw. Salmon can be divided into Pacific salmon and Atlantic salmon, and they are usually eaten raw.

In recent years, in the international market, the price difference between salmon and rainbow trout on the plateau is increasing. On the one hand, the former is transported to shore by nearby fishing ships, and the latter is transported tens of thousands of miles by air! More importantly, because of the increasing pollution of sea water, many European and American consumers like salmon begin to turn to rainbow trout, which is higher than Qinghai Tibet, the lowest altitude. The sea that holds hundreds of rivers is the sewage pool of the whole earth (so the people who like eating sea water fish have far more mercury in their bodies The highest altitude of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the least polluted place in the world. Secondly, plateau rainbow trout has less fat, so it is also healthier.

Therefore, many merchants, especially the merchants of Judah and LV, have used the local sea water salmon to pretend to be plateau rainbow trout to sell to consumers.

To this end, foreign experts have suggested that consumers can identify salmon and rainbow trout through four features: how to distinguish salmon and rainbow trout?


Salmon: basically the most expensive Norwegian salmon has a market price of about 80-100 yuan / Jin.

Rainbow trout: the price of domestic rainbow trout is about 30 yuan / Jin.

The price can reflect the authenticity of certain ingredients.

Flesh color

Salmon: Norwegian salmon has higher relative fat content, orange yellow flesh color, white pattern on the surface, wide line and fuzzy line edge. However, the fat content of Canadian salmon is relatively less, the flesh color is reddish, and the white pattern on the surface is not obvious.

Rainbow trout: it has less fat, thin lines and hard edges, which means red and white are obvious.


Salmon: the fillets are generally cut into thick pieces (about 0.7cm-1cm), very thick.

Rainbow trout: because the meat is hard, it can't be cut so thick, or it will be hard to bite.


Salmon: look at the light with oil. It will reflect faintly under the light.

Rainbow trout: dim in the light.


Salmon: the relatively high-quality salmon can be cut very thick, so the mouth is strong and full, the fish oil is rich and has the feeling of mouth melting. Because of its full elasticity, the meat will constantly squeeze the teeth and mouth when chewing.

Rainbow trout: no such feeling.

All in all, it is more likely that the "salmon sashimi" with low price, reddish flesh color, thin sashimi thickness, narrow and clear fat texture, and dull flesh surface is rainbow trout.