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How much is the price of Tanabata rose in 2018?

What's the price of the rose on Chinese Valentine's day? Roses are the most suitable for my dear ones. After all, roses are also the most beautiful now. Many women like them very much. However, now it's almost Tanabata, and the price of Tanabata rose will rise, so how much is a rose in 2018?

Is Tanabata rose expensive? The price of an ordinary red rose in the wholesale market is 5 yuan a piece. The price of a red rose sold by the roadside is 8 yuan, and that of a commercial street or a couple's holy land is 15 yuan.

When red roses meet such a special holiday as Christmas Valentine's day, the wholesale price will rise to 3 yuan, while the price of lovers' holy land is usually sold to 20.

How much is a rose in 2018?

I'm sure you know it now, and the price of a bunch of roses is about 168 yuan. But now the Chinese Valentine's Day is coming, and the price will rise. According to the latest news, it costs about half more to buy roses on Chinese Valentine's day.