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Who is the voice of Alipay arrival? Personal data of Taiwan sister paper Exhibition

Now in this social era, almost everyone has a cell phone. The essential software is Alipay WeChat. Have you noticed the voice of Alipay's arrival? Do you know whose voice it is? Let's get together and get to know it.

In the view of Xiaobian, they have their own advantages and have irreplaceable roles in their respective fields. But I don't know if anyone has noticed the voice of Alipay arrival. It's a voice of a younger sister. It's sweet and recognizable. It is often mistaken for the voice of Lin Chiling. However, it is not. In fact, the sister appeared in the Alibaba annual meeting and was very famous in Taipei. If you think I'm boasting about her appearance next, I guess it is wrong. She is only a sideline and hobby, and her real identity is a designer.

This girl, Zhan Yan, from Taipei, Taiwan, is a graduate student of Taiwan Jiaotong University. Her major is human-computer interaction design. She successfully passed the recruitment of Alibaba Hong Kong and Taiwan University in the summer of 2014, and stood out from more than 300 candidates. She became one of the 20 interns recorded. Two years later, after graduation, she successfully entered ant financial Participate in the design of Alipay's derivatives.

It is compulsory for her to do some service in Alipay. When I need dubbing, I will basically find her. I also say that this is a hobby, and simply a dubbing, her preparation is not ambiguous. She said she would like to try different styles, but finally considered the majority of users' experience, so now we choose the official version that we are hearing now. Now we hear the sentence (Alipay to XXX yuan), in fact, every number has been carefully picked out, the length of the voice is also just right, the place where the voice should be very careful, it is obvious that she treats the work very seriously.

The fame of Zhan Yan has risen, which is inseparable from her performance at the 18th annual meeting. A pair of photos that discharge towards the camera are so charming. There is a big contrast with the friendly and warm image of her private sister. In an interview, she said that she hopes to let others see more of her efforts and abilities. Ma Yun Alipay arrival voice is originally a Taiwan sister, netizen: I am more charming than voice.