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Is it true to plant trees in ant forest? How much energy can a tree grow?

Many people will collect some energy after payment with Alipay, but they don't know how to plant trees. So, is it true to plant trees in ant forest? How much energy can ant forest plant trees? In fact, this is also a way to call on the whole people to participate in green and health, so it's better to actively participate in it.

Is it true to plant trees in ant forest

It's true to plant trees in ant forest.

The total number of ants in the ant forest has risen from 60 million to 200 million. Alipay has also planted 1 million Haloxylon ammodendron trees in Alxa League of Inner Mongolia, and will give you a numbered certificate after planting.

When you apply for planting a real tree and claim it by a public welfare institution, Alipay gives the user a certificate with a unique number. The certificate will record the public institutions and planting areas responsible for planting the real trees.

Users just log in 'Alipay' to open a carbon account. Your usual walk, subway trip, online payment of water and electricity gas charges, green office, high speed payment, appointment registration, online ticketing and other activities will generate energy and provide you with the 'tree'. When the tree grows up to a certain level, you will donate the tree to charity, and the charity will grow a real tree in Alxa League.

Many people start early every day, and harvest energy in Alipay's ant forest. Do you have any curiosity about what kind of 'tree' you have planted? There are a lot of small trees with little friends that have grown up. Don't believe it - look!

A few days ago, Alipay officials also exposed the actual posture of the Haloxylon ammodendron tree, because it was cold and not long enough to look dry and gray.

Alipay said, don't be tired of their present attitude. When the weather gets warmer, they will come back green and grow up again. Haloxylon is a Typical Shrub in the desert. When it grows into a large area, it can cover the ground, and the sand can't fly.

In fact, ant financial's green finance mode is to drive innovation with science and technology, wake up everyone's awareness of emission reduction and environmental protection, actively respond to top-level design, and promote international experience exchange and capacity-building in the field of green finance.

How much energy to plant a tree in ant forest

In the process of payment, energy will be generated from living expenses, offline payment, ticket purchase (train ticket, movie ticket, etc.), etc payment, appointment registration and walking. The offline payment energy is relatively small. No matter how much money is paid, it is 5g energy. There is a lot of payment energy, which is related to how much money is paid. These are all energy generated through various payments.

Energy can also be given to others by watering. A friend can help to water at most three times, and the other party can receive 10g energy by watering once.

Another way to get energy is to steal other people's energy. When other people's energy doesn't have time to harvest when it's mature, they can steal a little. They can have several friends to steal at the same time. The amount of stolen energy is random, but the system will limit it according to the amount of stolen energy. If they steal a certain amount, they won't be stolen. In motion, you can see who has collected the energy.

Walking can also generate energy. The amount of energy generated is related to the number of walking steps. Remember to turn on the internal movement function to synchronize the steps, and you can see your own steps. After that, energy will not be generated immediately. It is basically calculated the next morning, and the energy generated must be recorded. If it is not collected for three days, it will disappear.

It takes 17900g energy to plant a tree. You can see how much energy you have generated in the upper right corner. You can rank the energy of your friends in the following list of friends. By 17900g, you will be reminded that you have planted a tree. In Alashan forest, you will plant a tree in your name. If you don't play after planting, it will show that the user has returned to the mountain forest. If you continue to play, it will be in 1790 0g plus the new energy generated, continue to plant the second, third, etc.

Ant forest, together with Jiage Tiandi and Jifei technology, has launched the functions of satellite tree viewing and real-time tree viewing.

We thought that trees more than 20 centimeters high could not be photographed by satellite at all, but after millions of trees went down, we saw the changes they brought to the world in space. We did it together.

These photos are ugly, but also warm. They tell us that technology is the biggest public welfare in this era.