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What is the autumn tiger? What is the reason for the formation of autumn tiger?

although autumn has already begun, the weather in autumn is still very hot. Which day is autumn in 2018? When does autumn tiger start? What does autumn tiger mean? After autumn, the weather is not directly cool, and the temperature is relatively high, so what do you know is the reason for the formation of autumn tiger?

When is autumn tiger 2018

The autumn solar term in 2018 is August 7, and the summer solar term is August 23, that is to say, the hot weather after August 7 is "autumn tiger". The 2017 'Autumn tiger' is expected to end in late August.

Autumn tiger is a short-term hot weather after the beginning of autumn. It usually occurs at the turn of August and September and lasts for about 7-15 days. Meteorology refers to the maximum temperature above 35 ℃ for 5 consecutive days after the solar term of summer heat treatment. The reason for this kind of weather is that the retreating subtropical high in the South controls the Yangtze River and Huaihe River and its surrounding areas again, forming continuous sunny and strong solar radiation.

What is the definition of autumn tiger

According to the experience of the past years, the people have summed up the saying of 24 autumn tigers, which is widely spread. This means that if there is no rain on the day of the beginning of autumn every year, the 24 days after the beginning of autumn are also very hot, they are called 24 autumn tigers. If there is rain on the day of the beginning of autumn, even if it is light rain, it is called "Shun Qiu". There is a folk saying: 1 A cold autumn rain means that the weather will become more and more cool and pleasant after shunqiu.

What are the reasons for the formation of autumn tiger

The reason for the formation of the autumn tiger is that the subtropical high in the Western Pacific Ocean, which controls China, gradually moves southward in autumn, but then moves northward. Under the control of the high, there are clear clouds, strong solar radiation and rising temperature. This kind of regenerative weather is called "old woman summer" in Europe and "Indian summer" in North America. Just fall. "Autumn" includes beginning of autumn, heat treatment, white dew, autumn equinox, cold dew and frost.

After autumn, the rain is decreasing day by day, and the air humidity is lower than the limit of people's life (relative humidity 70%). Therefore, the weather is dry, the vegetation is withering gradually, and people feel dry. Because dryness injures the body fluid, injures the body fluid and sees dryness sickness. Dryness is the main Qi of autumn, which belongs to Yang evil. The diseases caused by dryness include warm (early autumn) and cool (late autumn).