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A good play, a classic line, a brief introduction to a good play

"A good play" is a comedy film directed by Huang Bo. The film is released on August 10 this year. There are many classic lines in the film. Let's enjoy a review of the quotations of the classic lines of a good play. What do you think of Huang Bo's first film?

An inventory of the quotations of a good play's classic lines

1、 'I don't believe I can't get this game back.' a good play

2、 'I'll be where my brother is.' a good play

3、 'as long as it's something that can't be born on this island, it's all treasure' "a good play"

4、 'I've worked it out step by step to this day' "a good play"

5、 "The most important goal for us at present is survival, the second is survival, the third is survival." a good play

6、 'take me to the captain' "a good play"

7、 'I can! I can! I can!' a good play

8、 'didn't you say you wanted to leave?' why don't you go to heaven '"a good play"

9、 'Why are you doing this to me' "a good play"

10、 'you can rest assured that we can go back' "a good play"

11、 What we can hear gradually is the fear that belongs only to human beings. --A good play by Huang Bo

12、 'we have to go back' "a good play"

13、 'we used to be a piece of shit. As long as it was frozen, no one would break it! TM is ice cream!' a good play

14、 'come and help us' "a good play"

15、 "You are a loser who regards lottery as an ideal loan, a career boast, and an expression that you take a pee, take a picture of yourself, and see what you are like." a good play

16、 "It's a lottery. It's a good play."

17、 "Did you win 60 million yuan in the lottery?" a good play

18、 'why don't you go to heaven' "a good play"

19、 "First, don't worry." slow down. "Second, don't hurry." a good play

20、 'how about you playing monkey' "a good play"

21、 "A good play is a good play"

22、 'it's no exaggeration to know 60 million of them here.' a good play


A good play is directed by Huang Bo and starred by Huang Bo, Wang Baoqiang, Shu Qi, Zhang Yixing, Yu Hewei, Wang Xun, Li Qinqin and Li Youlin.

The film tells of a group of people who are accidentally exiled on a desert island, and they are all in the desert island and wild trees, facing the unknown new journey together.

Ma Jin (Huang Bo) owes a debt. He and his cousin Xiaoxing (Zhang Yixing) are fighting in the bottom society. They are used to buying lottery tickets. They try to become rich overnight and marry their colleague Shanshan (Shu Qi). One day, all the employees of the company went out to sea for group construction. On the way, Ma Jin received the first prize in the lottery, 60 million yuan! Just when the day of Ma Jin's ecstasy finally came, a sudden huge wave broke everything. The waking people found themselves on a desert island and lost all contact with the outside world. In the background of the closed island, those who lose rules, classes and wealth show their human nature.