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Who is the film director of love apartment? Douban score of film version of love apartment

On August 10, the film version of "love apartment" was released. After it was released, there was a lot of controversy. And Douban score is only 2.6. It's the lowest in history. So, as one of the most emotional memories of youth, why did it encounter such Waterloo this time?

The film version of love apartment, which was created by the original team, was released at 2 p.m. yesterday (August 10). By the time of publication, the box office of the film had exceeded 254 million, far more than "a good play", which had earned 114 million box office. However, according to word-of-mouth, the cat's eye score of "love apartment" has not been released yet, but Douban score is only 2.6, even lower than the previously recognized "Asura" (Douban score 3.0). After two hours, the score of Douban decreased to 2.4,. At present, the score of the film is 7.4 in taopiao and 6.9 in cat's eye.

In response, Wei Zheng, the director, posted a micro blog post in the afternoon in response to the doubts of netizens. He said the movie version of "love apartment" is the "biggest brain hole" in the series, and reassured netizens that this is the original love apartment.

Wei Zheng's full text is as follows--

In the third season of "love apartment", we once played a trick on the third uncle of Nanpai, because the tomb robbing notes, like love apartment, carry the beautiful memories of this generation of young people. A chance, Wang Yuan met three uncle, talk about let him authorize us to toss. Third uncle is very magnanimous. He also told us that you are brave enough to hide the tomb robbing notes.

What can't be skinned? Love apartment was originally skinned all the way down.

We've skirted Star Wars, toy story and white lady. I remember the response of "battle against the top of the Forbidden City". Lv Bu can fight against the enemy, and everything is possible. We know that people like to watch our skin, which also makes our brain holes bigger and bigger.

I'm going to make the movie "love apartment". I'll discuss with Wang Yuan what to make. As we all know, love apartment is a sitcom, which is confined to a four-way room. It's like a little box. If we continue to let everyone stay in the apartment, it's a little too 'cheap'. Since it's on the big screen, we have to have some big moves, pictures, imagination, world view. Since we make movies for the first time, we have nothing to lose. Since we're little partners in the love apartment, we should do something important. We soon agreed to make the movie the biggest brain hole in the history of love apartment.

At this time, we think of the smiling "three uncles" and his words in those days. We have courage! So we reached a consensus, and we will open the largest brain hole in history to the tomb robbing notes! Go to Yunding Tiangong, the largest and most legendary ancient tomb in China, and make a big plane with the legendary heroes Zhang Qiling, Wu Xie and Wang pangzi!

This is the biggest brain hole in the history of love apartment and the biggest adventure in the history of love apartment. We rented the largest two sheds in Haikou film commune and built them according to our imagination. In the first six months of construction, more than 800 workers spent tens of millions of dollars on the scenes, which is an impossible special effect & hellip;

Thanks to our fans, we spent two hours with us to experience such an unexpected adventure. This is the original love apartment, please rest assured, this is a love apartment.

This is the original apartment, or the good friends who cry, laugh and run together. Whether they are in the quiet apartment or on the dangerous adventure journey, their love will continue and their friendship will still be around. '​​​​