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Does Li Jian have children? Why don't Li Jian and Meng Xiaobei have children?

Li Jian is one of the few male stars with high beauty and emotional intelligence in the entertainment circle, but he has no children so far. Do you know why? Li Jian is not young either. When we saw our singer and introduced his family, his sister said that his family was happy, but only the little shell, his wife. From some interviews, we know that Li Jian and his wife chose Dink, so they didn't choose to have children.

Today's society is not suitable for children's growth. He doesn't want children to experience the confusion and hardship he has experienced. Children's growth needs the company of adults. He can't sacrifice his time and health for children as his father did (his father died of cancer). There are so many children in China, no less than his one, and his genes are not excellent enough to be inherited & Hells IP & hellip; is that he thinks the life of the two people is very good. It takes time and energy to raise children & hellip & hellip; update happens to be listening to "back to the past" in Li Jian's still album. From the lyrics, he is indeed a pessimistic optimist.

In fact, I think many of his lyrics reflect his thinking about "the impermanence of destiny". In "bright", life is so impermanent. In "the sea and the boat", life is like a mountain. In "the love of life", there is no trace of the world's maze. In "when there is time to grow old", which figure is not moving away. He has no choice but to be awed by the impermanence of fate, but not pessimistic. Instead, he turns It turns into a philosophy of being happy to know what is going on. However, it's good for me to experience this cruel and fickle life, whether sad or happy. I have enough optimism and tenacity to face all this, and my children won't have to suffer all this in vain. This may be his pessimism and optimism.

Li Jian and his wife are both from Harbin. They are family members. He was 10 when he first met his future wife. At that time, the "little shell" (the nickname of Li Jian's wife) was still held in her arms by her mother. Later in high school, Li Jian met her again at a wedding. At that time, the girl had grown very slim. After Li Jian was sent to Tsinghua University, she was still in middle school. For Li Jian, who was studying in Tsinghua, she may also have a kind of worship psychology. Slowly, we are happy with each other and finally come together. And the feeling of "childhood sweetheart" has gone through 31 years.