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Love apartment movies are tomb raiders? Emotions hype the audience not to buy

Recently, an Internet source said that the original name of "love apartment" was "new dimension adventurer". It's just ridiculous. Isn't it a monkey show with the audience? I thought I could recall our youth, but it turned into a tomb raider at the scene. What do you think?

'it's a tomb robbing Film Co operated by the producer Gog company and the company of Nanpai Sanshu, the author of the tomb robbing notes', renamed "love apartment" for love. Sina entertainment has independently verified Nanpai's third uncle. The other side responded that it did have the IP authorization for Gao Ge's tomb robbing notes, but Nanpai pan entertainment did not participate in the production of the film.

Is it a tomb robbing movie like "tomb robbing notes" and "love apartment" starred by fat Wang?

The movie "love apartment" released on August 10 has been very popular. First of all, it was involved in the dispute because of the plagiarism of the TV drama version, and then it was sued by lianfan company, the producer of the drama version, for infringing the copyright. Yesterday, love apartment was exposed with the news of the ticket refund trend of pre-sale tickets. Wave after wave, there is also a network rumors is growing. It is said that the film "love apartment" was originally called "new dimension adventurer", which is an adventure fantasy film with the cooperation of the producer Gog company and the southern school pan entertainment.

Such rumors are not groundless. According to the materials released previously in love apartment, Liu Tianzuo, the actor of Wang Pang in the online drama tomb robbing notes, and scenes like Changbai snow mountain, Yunding heavenly palace, bronze gate and tomb, really remind people of tomb robbing note 3: Yunding heavenly palace.

According to the online public information, the new dimension adventurer appeared in the filing notice in February 2017. From the perspective of the filing unit, Nanpai pan entertainment is indeed one of the producers of the film, and ranks first in the filing notice. It is speculated that: if "new dimension adventurer" is the later "love apartment", perhaps the concept of this story comes from the three uncle aspects of the southern school at the beginning, but later changed its name from the market consideration.

Nanpai's third uncle: did not participate in the production of IP as early as "love 3"

The movie "love apartment" with the slogan of "the original team, ten years of reunion", sold more than 100 million box office in the pre-sale period. However, according to the above information, this movie is actually a wrong edition, a back door work?

In view of all the above information, Sina entertainment exclusively verifies the author of "notes on tomb robbing" Nanpai Sanshu. Nanpai Sanshu said that he did authorize the IP address of tomb robbing notes to love apartment and did not participate in the production of love apartment.

For the online speculation that "love apartment" was originally a movie of "new dimension adventurer", but only changed the name of "love apartment", it is actually a movie of "tomb robbing notes". Nanpai Sanshu replied: "this is a movie of" love apartment "made by the original team of" love apartment ". We are the IP authorizer. '

According to Nanpai's third uncle, "Tomb raiding notes" IP was authorized as early as "love apartment 3" and "Tomb raiding notes" appeared in the play at that time. "As for the authorization process of the movie" love apartment ", Nanpai Sanshu explained:" a few years ago, many elements of tomb robbing notes were involved in love apartment 4, and the two sides had contact with each other about the authorization. Later, when the movie "love apartment" was created, the authorization was extended once again. '

There was a rumor on the Internet that love apartment was going to fill in the hole of tomb robbing notes. Nanpai's third uncle decisively denied: 'no, I don't know where the news came from. 'Sina entertainment also learned that Nanpai's third uncle will also guest star in love apartment, which he confirmed:' at that time, Wei Zheng, director of love apartment, invited him to guest star in the film. '