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How old is instructor He Jie? Who is he Jie? How old is the difference between He Jie and Zhang Xiny

Last Sunday, Zhang Xinyu announced his marriage with He Jie on his microblog, which made him an instant hit in the entertainment circle. So where is Zhang Xinyu's husband, he Jie? How old is he Jie different from Zhang Xinyu? Let's learn about He Jie.

How old is he Jie? Who are you

Zhang Xinyu's husband, he Jie, is a soldier. Now it's 12 years since he Jie joined the army in 2006. However, many people are surprised that he Jie has made great achievements in more than 10 years. Especially, he Jie, as the third generation of the army, has a military dream in his grandfather's military stories since he was a child!

He Jie's hometown is Huining, Gansu Province. It's hard to imagine his achievements and experience. Especially in 2010, he Jie was assigned to the Guangdong Armed Police Corps after graduation. He Jie applied for the post of the second detachment of the Guangdong Corps. The conditions here are the most painful, but he became the anti-terrorism brigade with his superb endurance and excellent skills A qualified person!

How old is the difference between Zhang Xinyu and he Jie

Looking at the data, we know that he Jie and Zhang Xinyu should be in love with each other, and they are still one year apart. Zhang Xinyu was born in 1987, then he Jie was born in 1988, just 30 years old this year! It's really a lucky thing to meet someone you like at the best age!

Although he Jie is a soldier, he Jie and Zhang Xinyu have a lot of predestination. He Jie is Zhang Xinyu's instructor in the program "strange soldier dog". Zhang Xinyu did not flinch from the severe and difficult training. Instead, he Jie was very pleased by his perseverance. It was also because the two people in the program had the opportunity to understand that they knew that they were very in harmony with each other, so they were together!

On March 8 this year, he Jie's identity was not exposed. On August 5, Zhang Xinyu announced that he was really happy to get his marriage license. I wish them happiness in the future!