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Who has the most fans on the pitch? Top 50 list of voice accounts and fans

The latest chattering fans' top 100 list data was updated in August 5, 2018, and the data were made by Jo @ code king. Every week, he will update his list on his jitter. Who has the most fans on the quiver? Come and have a look.

As the star spokesman hired by the government at the beginning, delireba has always occupied the first place in the list of fans, and the comedian Chen he followed closely with many fans. In addition to these two stars, the first net red on the jitter should be Liz! And the first net red cat is Liu Er bean!

1. Dear dirieba 4072.2w

2. Chen he 4001.4w

3. LIGO 3O 3941.9w

4. Talking Liu erdou 3639.8w

5、Angelababy 3479.5w

6. One Zen monk 3223.3w

7. Modern brothers 2884.8w

8. He Jiong 2879.1w

9、 M brother 2727.8w

10. Fengtimo 2576.5w