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What's the meaning of the story? What is the app for Pipi shrimp?

What's the change of the content segment? Since the closure of the content segment, many of its friends have been homeless, but a new app has emerged. Is the skin shrimp a new content segment?

What's the change of the connotation

Prawns in skin

This software was launched in July, and has been popularized on the basis of today's active users' pre trembling sound. It is also a popular entertainment video review community under the headlines today.

Functional characteristics

Here it is important to note that the original content of the sub account can also log on to the prawn platform. At present, Pipi shrimp supports three login modes: mobile phone number, QQ number and wechat. There are three channels on the home page: recommendation, video and graphics. The search button in the upper right corner can search for hot label topics, including food, pets, movies, hot blood animation, spoof and other topics.

The video playing mechanism of Pipi shrimp is similar to the content segment. It will play automatically every time it slides to a video. At the same time, there will be several hot comments under the video. So that's why netizens are joking about the resurrection of "internal jokes".

In more than a month of online time, the number of downloaded prawns is very high. At present, it has reached more than 700000 users, ranking among the top download stores and Apple stores. Of course, the happiest is Duan friends. After all, this will be their new home.