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Why did netizens apologize to Liu Xiang for the 10th anniversary of the Olympic Games?

Yesterday, under Liu Xiang's Micro blog, there was a lot of apologies from netizens. Why should netizens apologize to Liu Xiang? Maybe we were not mature enough at that time, but now we have learned to be considerate. Maybe it's a young man who just scolds the hero.

Liu Xiang's withdrawal from the competition caused numerous abuses in that year, such attacks as' just want to make money 'is a big liar'. In a twinkling of an eye, ten years later, netizens told Liu Xiang about their regret for what they had done. Why did netizens apologize to Liu Xiang? It's only because we weren't mature enough at that time. These calendars have changed, and we know how much pain you suffered at the beginning.

Why do netizens apologize to Liu Xiang

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Olympic Games. Many netizens came to Liu Xiang's microblog to comment, and said frankly: 10 years ago, we owe you a word of sorry.

He has participated in 48 world competitions, 36 Championships, 6 runners up, 3 third places, 1 tied world record, 1 broken world record, 5 Asian records and 3 Asian Games records. However, in those days, many people only remember that he retired twice. Today, a lot of people know that they are wrong, but Liu Xiang has no more. I hope we can all remember him: Liu Xiang, the pride of the yellow people, the pride of the Chinese people.

It's not only the spirit of sports that runs all the way. I really think some people's thoughts are really extreme. At that time, when I was watching TV, I only felt very sad. At the same time, I felt sorry and supported for him to give up the game. Don't he want to run? Can you think about it? It's not just the one foot jump to the end to win applause or the spirit of sports. At that time, his heart will not only regret, but also It's insulting. He wants to cross, not jump on one leg


In addition, when you had surgery for Achilles tendon injury before, you didn't understand what kind of surgery it was. Every time you read the report that you had a difficult rehabilitation training, it was a sweep. It was not until this year that my husband had an operation on the anterior cruciate ligament and watched him recover every day, practicing straight and bending strength, that I knew how painful it was. The average person is still so much less how hard you have to work to get back on the court. I don't understand what I haven't experienced. For 10 years, Liu Xiang, you are still the Asian flying man in our mind. The glory of 2004 is still vivid in our eyes. Ten years ago, you quit the competition. I used to knock on the keyboard on the Internet and scold you for following the trend. Year by year, I feel really bad. I want to say sorry to you.