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What's wrong with Ma Yun's boasting about women? Top companies should be more women and more men

What's wrong with Ma Yun's boasting about girls? On August 8, Ma Yun attended the "network Entrepreneur: the rise of the digital lion in Africa" in South Africa. He said that in the Internet age, an excellent company should be more women than men. What do you think?

in the Internet era, if you want to carry out business in an all-round way, if you do business on the Internet, people will never let you show your diploma, they don't care if you are a man or a woman, they care about your service quality, if you want to become an excellent enterprise, you should hire at least 50% of women. '

A top company should have more women than men, Ma said, with 48% of Alibaba's employees being women and 34% of its executives being women. Netizen: the desire for survival is also very strong.

Ma Yun further explained: 'because of women's loyalty and diligence, unlike men who always think about themselves, women should care about their husbands, children, parents and work. This is the people we need in this century. I believe that African women have great potential, enthusiasm, love and good sense of service. '