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What are his parents doing?

last week, Zhang Xinyu suddenly sent you the latest "melon": Weibo has been openly licensed to get married, and the people who eat melon have been sweetened for a while. Zhang Xinyu generously shared his wedding photos this time, which made many people turn to powder and fight a beautiful turn over battle. So who is Zhang Xinyu's husband he Jie? How do they know each other? This is what love should look like.

What do He Jie's parents do

Although he Jie is not in the entertainment circle, he Jie is often invited to the program group to participate in some reality shows because of his excellent performance in the army. In the extreme challenge, he Jie has attracted much attention, not only because of his outstanding military accomplishment, but also because of his beauty and figure. After understanding, we know that although he Jie is very handsome in appearance, he Jie is not ambiguous in training. The training he Jie received as a special soldier is more painful and arduous than that of ordinary soldiers, but he Jie's performance is very excellent.

In 2012, he Jie took part in the competition against hijacking, in which he participated in all subjects on behalf of Guangdong general team, of which three subjects achieved the best personal best results. As a soldier, he Jie has won the first place in many years. He Jie is always able to keep improving in shooting, cross-country and all kinds of necessary skills of soldiers and make himself the best. However, because he Jie is a special soldier, his family's information is very well protected. Although he Jie is famous on the Internet, there is no introduction about his family.

Some netizens speculate that he Jie is the third generation of the army. It is precisely because of the military spirit passed down from the previous generation that he is so excellent. However, this statement has not been confirmed, but it is certain that he Jie's family must also have a very military spirit, and I believe they will be proud of it. Now he Jie has solved the problem of dying. I hope that he can take good care of his small family on the basis of his loyalty to the country in the future.

Introduction to instructor He Jie

But I admire Zhang Xinyu very much. I didn't marry a rich man like the people in the circle. Everyone hopes to get different things. No matter what the background behind he Jie is, I only have the courage to marry a soldier, which is enough for me to admire for a long time.

It is reported that he Jie was not the second generation of the rich. There is not much information about his family background on the Internet. From his resume, it can be seen that he has participated in a number of variety shows, such as "extreme challenge" and "one stop to the end". Some viewers also questioned that he Jie wanted to enter the entertainment circle. However, he soon denied that he wanted to participate in the program just because of the above arrangement. He didn't want to enter the entertainment circle Circle. He Jie's performance in the program is just a masculine man, which is very popular with the audience.

Not only that, because of his handsome appearance, he is also praised as "military version of Yang Yang". As an officer, he Jie can't do without training every day. He keeps a good figure. Eight abdominal muscles are not a problem at all. The most valuable thing is that he Jie has a high face value. Taking off his military uniform and putting on his casual clothes is just a piece of fresh meat. The netizens also said that the body and face value of Zhang Xinyu's boyfriends of all generations are not inferior.