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On the historical prototype of weiyingluo by Yanxi

the strategy of extending the Jubilee is now on the air. Different from the former silly white sweet mistress, this time the mistress entered the palace with the purpose of revenge. Does Wei Yingluo have a historical prototype? The introduction of the plot of Yanxi's strategy is mainly about how Wei Yingluo transformed from a maid to a concubine. Many netizens are curious about the historical prototype of weiyingluo. Let's get to know it.

Who is Yanxi's attack on weiyingluo? Does weiyingluo have a historical prototype?

It is reported that in the historical records, the prototype of weiyingluo is the unmarried surname of empress Chunyuan of Xiaoyi, who was first granted the title of Wei noble, then granted the title of imperial concubine three years later, and then granted the title of imperial concubine, who became the imperial concubine after the birth of Yongyan. Many people's impressions of Lingfei come from Lingfei in Huanzhugege. In fact, weiyingluo is Lingfei. In Yanxi strategy, she is also virtuous, virtuous, gentle and jade like.

What is the ending of Yanxi's strategy of weiyingluo

'Yingluo not only relies on her talent, but also on her strength to seduce the Han nationality. At the same time, she has captured the hearts of two great harem gods, which can be called a textbook of seducing the Han nationality. In order to investigate her sister's death, she deliberately threw herself into the arms to approach Fu Heng, and turned into a soft and cute girl with frequent golden sentences. "If you can blow it for me, I will not hurt." In front of the Emperor Qianlong, she changed her social sister to face the heaven and the earth, and she was often afraid of the emperor's power to make Qianlong speechless. The arrogant and arrogant Emperor Qianlong hated his words, but also said such cruel words as "I hate my heart and bone" and "be careful that I pick your head". But judging from the direction of the story, the "Lingfei" firmly ate Qianlong's heart with her unique and perverse character.

Yingluo resolved the difficulties of the court with courage, agility and broad mind, and finally became the imperial concubine who helped Qianlong in the prosperous era. It was not until Yingluo died that she informed Qianlong of the final entrustment of empress Fucha. She hoped that she would accompany Hongli and help him to be a wise emperor. At last, Qianlong knew Fucha's hard work.

After the death of empress Fucha, Yingluo solved many difficulties and finally became the imperial concubine of Qianlong.

After Yingluo's death, Emperor Qianlong proclaimed Yongyan, Prince Jia, the son of weiyingluo, as the crown prince. At the same time, Yingluo pursued the birth mother of the crown prince and made the imperial concubine Yihuang the empress of Xiaoyi. Finally, with her life, Yingluo realized her commitment to empress Fucha.

Who is the historical prototype of weiyingluo

The prototype of Wei Yingluo is empress Xiaoyi

The prototype of Wei Yingluo is Wei Jia, the empress of xiaoyichun. First, she was granted the title of Wei Guiren. Three years later, she was granted the title of imperial concubine in Jin Dynasty. Later, she was granted the title of imperial concubine. Yongyan was deeply loved by Emperor Qianlong. After her death, Emperor Qianlong declared Yongyan the crown prince and made her posthumous empress xiaoyichun.

The most impressive impression of the imperial concubine comes from the book "Huanzhugege". She is virtuous, gentle and jade like, and hard to love the prince and princess. Wei Yingluo is the imperial concubine, second only to the empress and the most trusted woman in Qianlong.

The imperial concubine was different from the concubine in the harem. She loved everyone with her heart. In history, she gave birth to four sons and two daughters for Qianlong. She was 16 years younger than Qianlong. She was the most influential woman in the harem at that time. Because of her beautiful appearance and good heart, she was loved by Emperor Qianlong. She was irreplaceable in Qianlong's heart.