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Want a fresh breath? Look here it's right

In life, especially in some public places, people with bad breath are everywhere. It's embarrassing for people to open their mouth and talk and cover their noses. In fact, halitosis is not the result of not brushing teeth for a long time. It is mainly the result of loving cold drinks, the function of stomach being trapped by cold evils and Yang Ming's excessive dryness and fire. The treatment is simple: you can choose pocanil double effect combination to restore the function of spleen and stomach.

Secondly, you need to brush your teeth thoroughly sooner or later. When you brush your teeth, don't forget your tongue. Experiments have proved that there are a lot of bacteria that can ferment food on your tongue. In toothbrush, I recommend electric toothbrush, acoustic electric toothbrush can effectively prevent gingivitis and calculus. Eat more fruits and vegetables, vegetables have a lot of fiber, not only can digest food, but also supplement vitamin C to protect gingiva. Be good to your spleen and stomach, and eat light food. It's better to eat less cold, irritating, smelly, indigestible and greasy food.

In addition, people with bad breath should not eat garlic, onion and curry to avoid more bad smell. After eating, you can drink a glass of milk. The peculiar smell will be reduced or you can rinse your mouth with salt water to kill the bacteria causing bad breath. Lemonade can freshen your breath. Add some mint to a cup of boiling water, and add some fresh lemon juice for drinking. Do not add too much sugar, but go to bad breath. Sleep time should not be too long. Before Chinese food and lunch, you can eat some fruit in moderation, which has some effect on reducing your breath. Last first aid, breath freshener! It can timely and effectively remove the bad breath caused by food or smoking in the mouth. At ordinary times, we should strengthen exercise, improve our digestive system and spleen and stomach functions, fundamentally solve the problem, and brush our teeth frequently, which will completely eliminate halitosis!