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How did the mother die? What is the final result of Runyu?

The recently popular "fragrant honey sinking like frost" is well received. In addition to the magic sword theme that everyone loves, the beauty and acting skills of the male and female stars are also very online. One of the characters, though he is not the hero, is also very popular. That is our No.2 night God adult Runyu. But then Runyu turns black. Do you know who is Runyu's mother? What is the final result of Runyu?

Runyu is the eldest son of the emperor of heaven, but because he is a commoner, he is not valued. He and Jinmi, the heroine, have a engagement. At first, he was attracted by the heroine's character and beauty. At last, he became a villain in in order to avenge his mother. But because of his beautiful appearance and his sad experience, everyone sympathized with him.

The mystery of life experience is that the honey is sinking and the ashes are like frost Runyu. What is Runyu's real body? How does Runyu die? Luo Yunxi's personal information. "Honey sinking like frost" is about to start broadcasting. The ancient costume myth play starring Yang Zi and Deng Lun tells about Jinmi's entanglement with the reincarnation of Xufeng III, but the man No. 2 Runyu in the play is the biggest resistance in their love. In the original novel, Runyu is a very popular supporting role. Luo Yunxi's make-up photo, as soon as it is exposed, confirms that he has received goods. Many netizens call him "the Runyu in his heart".

Sweet honey sinks like frost and moistens jade

Runyu is the great prince of heaven. Although his status is noble, he has never really been valued. He bears the pain of unknown life experience. Because of his mother's death, he gradually steps into the vortex of power struggle.

Runyu is as gentle and graceful as his life, because she was raised by her mother after she died. Her life under the shelter of others will make Runyu more calm and calm. He was very eager to get the attention of Tian Tian from childhood, but Tian Tian's casual absence made him very sad.

Sweet honey sinks like frost and moistens jade

When Xu Feng Nirvana was attacked by mystical attack, Yun Yu wanted to investigate clearly for Xu Feng. However, he did not intend to find out that he was secretly investigating herself. Tian Tian's suspicion of her made her thoroughly sober. No matter how hard she worked, she could not be completely trusted in the heart of heaven.

The lost Runyu meets the lively Kami, and slowly falls in love with Kami. When I learned that Jinmi was the daughter of water god, I was surprised because I was engaged to the daughter of Water God. However, Runyu has no status, power or family in the heaven, and even the only love she wants to pursue is about to be taken away, so she begins to make a small calculation in her heart, and gradually uses Jinmi to kill Xu Feng, the second highness of heaven.

In the end, Runyu wakes up, does not make a big mistake, and finally sits alone in the sky.

What is Runyu's real body?

Runyu is the great prince of heaven. His real body must be related to the dragon, so Runyu's real body is the white dragon. However, when he was a child, he grew up with the carp. At first, he didn't grow horns and dragon claws. Later, he grew up slowly, but he was ridiculed by other carp. Therefore, when he was a child, he didn't like to be a dragon. He always liked to become a fish, so he was called the little fish fairy shepherd.

Sweet honey sinks like frost and moistens jade

It is believed that many people are familiar with the actor of Runyu. In fact, he is Luo Yunxi, the actor of "how can I perform?" Luo Yunxi was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on July 28, 1988, and graduated from the Dance College of Shanghai Drama Academy.

Luo Yunxi said that the first time he played the role of "blackening", he was very entangled, Runyu felt very sad because of his suffering, and he was very sad because of the bad things Runyu did. Although he went through a detour, Runyu was a very sad role. I hope you don't 'hate him too much' when you watch the play.