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How long can you have children after abortion? How long can you get pregnant after abortion?

For pregnant mothers to be, if you are not careful, it is easy to miscarry, so how long can you get pregnant after miscarriage? How long can you have children after miscarriage? For pregnant couples, in fact, you can have a good collection.

How long can I get pregnant after abortion

1. For women with mild spontaneous abortion and no uterine cleaning, in fact, the endometrial trauma is relatively small, and has little impact on the gonadal axis. Therefore, after recuperation, there is a regular menstrual cycle, and no other abnormal indicators, the second month can be pregnant again.

2. For the inevitable abortion (abortion) who has done the palace cleaning, from the perspective of eugenics, at least more than half a year after pregnancy, because the recovery of ovarian function is at least two or three months, and the recovery of endometrium is at least half a year. If menstruation is more regular, bad physical factors can be corrected, and all indicators are basically normal, you can get pregnant again.

How long can ovulation occur after abortion

After abortion, ovulation usually occurs within one month, and menstruation comes in about one month. However, a few women have menstrual disorders such as prolonged menstruation, irregular menstrual cycle, amenorrhea and so on. This kind of situation generally returns to normal after 2-3 months, and a few people last for a long time.

How long can I have children after abortion

No matter what form of abortion has caused great trauma to the uterus, so there is a recovery period after abortion. Of course, this period varies from person to person. It is suggested that a longer period of time is better for the recovery of all aspects of the function of the uterus. After the abortion, it is better to rest for more than half a year before considering pregnancy, so that the uterus can be completely recovered, which is good for the health of the baby. The uterus has memory function. If it does not recover well, it is easy to miscarry or ectopic pregnancy. The shorter the interval between pregnancies, the more likely it is to miscarry.

The endometrium of women who have had artificial abortion will be damaged to a certain extent due to the attraction and scratching of instruments in the uterine cavity. In order to make the endometrium return to normal, there needs to be an adjustment process. The first menstruation of women after induced abortion is abnormal, which indicates that the endometrium needs to be repaired. Although induced abortion generally will not affect pregnancy, it will also bring other accidents, such as infection, bleeding, intrauterine adhesions, relaxation of the cervix, etc., which need to be treated in time.

In view of the above reasons, women who have had an artificial abortion should be pregnant again early, so as to avoid the occurrence of spontaneous abortion due to the fetal dysplasia caused by the lack of physical strength, the poor recovery of human endocrine function, and the poor development of endometrium. If you want to have a healthy baby, you have to wait patiently. Waiting for physical strength to recover, endocrine system to adjust balance, endometrial growth is good, at this time, it is not too late to be pregnant.