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What are the poems about autumn? A summary of autumn Poems

It's autumn in a flash. Although it's hot, it's still cool in the early morning and evening. I believe that the weather will turn cool soon. Since ancient times, autumn has been the season for many literati to sing, so what are the poems describing autumn?

1. After the new rain, autumn comes late. The moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring stone flows upward.

Reading this poem, I suddenly feel that the temperature around me has dropped, which is really refreshing. On the mountain after the rain, the air is fresh, the sound of insects is quiet and peaceful. At night, a full moon is shining on the pine trees on the mountain, casting spot spots on the ground, and a clear spring flows through the rock, leaving the sound of water gurgling.

2. Since ancient times, when autumn is sad and lonely, I say autumn is better than spring. On the clouds of a crane in the clear sky, it leads the poem to the blue sky.

I remember that I was very impressed when I studied this poem as a child, and I can remember it clearly several years later. Since ancient times, most literati write about autumn is sad, but the poet said that autumn is better than spring, which shows his broad mind. In the clear sky, the crane flies to the sky, where is the loneliness.

3. A remnant sun spreads in the water, half the river, half the river and half the river are red. On the third night of September, the dew is like a pearl and the moon is like a bow.

At dusk, the river, the setting sun in the water, half of the river sparkling with gold, the other half is clear green. At night, the weather is cool, a new moon is like a bow, the dew on the grass is like pearls. Such a beautiful autumn is really beautiful.

4. Young people are easy to learn, but old people are hard to achieve. One inch of time is not light. I didn't realize the dream of spring grass in the pond, and the sound of autumn leaves in front of the terrace.

We haven't found the grass green by the pond, but we have found that the leaves of sycamore trees have fallen all over the ground in front of the steps, and it has reached the late autumn. With the pond side of the grass and the front of the Wu leaf, expressed the speed of time. As time goes by, young people are advised to cherish their time and study hard day and night.

5. Silver candle autumn light cold screen, light Luo small fan flutter firefly. The sky steps are as cool as water in the night, lying to watch Cowherd and Vega.

In autumn night, flickering candle light shines on the screen, holding a small fan to fight fireflies. It was as cold as water on the stone steps. I sat in the bedroom and watched Cowherd and Vega. In the autumn leaves of the deep palace, the poet is lonely and miserable, but the verse is fresh and elegant, with unique charm.

6. The lake is bright in autumn, and there is no wind mirror on the surface of the lake. Looking at the landscape of Dongting, there is a green snail in the silver plate.

When the sun goes down, the calm lake is like a mirror. At night, the moon comes out. Under the bright moon and silver light, the more green the Dongting mountain is, the more clear the Dongting water is, and the mountains and rivers are integrated. Looking at it, it looks like a carved silver plate with a small and exquisite green snail, which is very popular. This autumn night is quiet and comfortable.

7. Huaijun belongs to autumn night, walking and chanting cool days. Empty mountain pines fall, you should not sleep.

Autumn is also a season of missing. The poet walks alone in the cool autumn night and misses his friends far away. The mountain was very quiet, and the sound of pine nuts falling on the ground from the trees could be heard. Such a quiet night will enlarge all the worries and thoughts.

8. The clouds rise in autumn, and the cold night grows quietly. But I feel my clothes are wet and silent.

The sky is overcast in autumn evening. I feel a little cool at night. I feel a bit damp on my clothes. But observe carefully, there is no rain or wind! The whole article contains the feeling of sad autumn. As the saying goes, the mood is born from the heart, and the poet's mood is sad. Naturally, his feelings are integrated into this poem.