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Is it too much for the married woman to ask for a name on the real estate certificate? What's your o

It's not too much to ask for a name on the property, which is more practical than those wonderful flowers with high price of lottery gifts. Two people get married and live together for a lifetime. It's also a sense of security to write two people's names on the real estate. After all, real estate is the home of two people, with a common name on it, two people will trust each other more, so this requirement is very reasonable.

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Just in case, double insurance:

It is better to add the names of two people to the real estate to prevent one party from selling the real estate without authorization. If both people's names are present, the sale of the property will take effect only if they sign together. Therefore, many women worry that the man will sell or mortgage the property without permission, which is very reasonable.

2. Psychological comfort, security:

According to the new marriage law, premarital property does not participate in the division, even if it is named. It's just a psychological comfort and a sense of security. Therefore, it is necessary to write his wife's name on the real estate certificate.

3. Women's family requirements:

It's also reasonable for many women's families to ask for a new name in order to ensure their daughter's marriage.