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What is the real identity of junyanyou? Does Yanyou like Jinmi?

In the burning honey, Jinmi is surrounded by many high-ranking people. When Jinmi is in danger, these people play a role. In the latest plot, Yanyou puqijun is more to save Jinmi than to comfort himself. What is the real identity of puqijun?

In fact, Puchi Jun was originally the immortal in the sky. Later, he was punished to the lower level for violating the rules. Puchi Jun has always been the person who guards Jinmi. Although he is in love with Jinmi, he didn't show his heart and silently accompanied her by his side.

Puqijun is a nickname given by Jinmi to Yanyou. Nine hundred years ago, Jinmi and his best friend left the water mirror for playing meat. Unexpectedly, the ancient god beast Qianqi came. The meat was beaten back to its original shape by Qianqi. Fortunately, puqijun appeared to save Jinmi and the meat.

In order to repay the kindness of Puchi Jun, Jinmi will give him his hundred year spiritual strength every time. Although Jinmi's spiritual strength is nothing to him, it will be accepted in order to make Jinmi feel better.

Jin Mi goes to play with Xu Feng in the heaven. He accidentally eats his stomach and is unconscious. Puchi Jun senses that Jin MI is in danger. He sneaks into Jin Mi's room in the middle of the night. Xu Feng senses that Puchi Jun has Jin Mi's breath. He is not feeling good. It's not all caused by psychic power.

From the conversation between Xu Feng and Puchi Jun, we know that their relationship is unusual. Puchi Jun is a snake. He is the immortal of the heaven. He is used to being free and can't stand the shackles of the heaven. He is willing to be a Sanxian in the world, and Jinmi always treats him as an ordinary snake essence.

Puchi Jun is not a villain. He cares about Jinmi very much. Of course, there are many good feelings between men and women. In the original work, Puchi Jun is a God with incomparable dignity and high magic power. Later, he was demoted to be a non immortal or non demon. He has a cheerful character, works with great vigour and love for Jinmi.

On the birthday of Tian Tian, Jin MI is in trouble. At the risk of offending Tian Di Tian, Puchi Jun is desperate to save Jin MI. He has a straight temper and is Jin Mi's best partner. But he always wants Jin Mi to be his wife. However, Jin Mi likes Xu Feng, so Lang Youqing has no intention. Puchi Jun can only protect Jin MI in silence.

The first episode of the play appeared, incarnating as little grape's good friend. A dialogue revealed the reason why they had become friends for 900 years, bringing out little grape's guilt for flesh.

What's more, it reveals that little grape is eager to see the world outside the water mirror, even if there is danger, he is not willing to be banned from the inside of the water mirror; at the same time, little grape wants to go to the heaven to see big Luo Jinxian to obtain spiritual power and resurrect flesh, which makes grape's obsession with spiritual power more convincing.

The play "Honey sinking like frost" was not broadcast first. Many netizens said that they had waited for half a year and finally released it. Yang Zi, the actor, confessed that it was her first time to act as a fairy. Before, it was not a monster or a person, and the special effects of the TV play were just master level!

In reality, the actor of puzhijun is Liao Jinfeng, born on June 27, 1992, graduated from China Media University. He once won the most popular school grass of China Media University in 2011, and published the book late night story in 2014.

Liao Jinfeng also played Duanmu Huichun in the ancient costume play "know you not know Ding". He is a young villa leader of Qixia mountain villa who is white as snow, elegant as jade, elegant and dignified. In reality, Liao Jinfeng is handsome with a little mixed race. He is not handsome!

The play has also been praised by numerous netizens. The special effects are very attentive. Moreover, the scenes are all arranged by the crew, not like green cloth. So it looks very real and has a sense of substitution. The scene is also beautiful, which is a good play worth watching.