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What about the yellowing of white clothes? The skill of cleaning white clothes

Many people like to wear white clothes. Although white clothes are good-looking, they are the dirtiest. But if the white clothes are placed for a long time, they will turn yellow easily. How to clean the yellow clothes? Share the cleaning skills of the yellow clothes.

What should I do if my white clothes turn yellow

1、 Bleach with 84 disinfectant or bleach

For pure white clothes, 84 disinfectant and bleach can be used for bleaching. Soak the clothes directly in 84 disinfectant solution with water for a while, then rinse them clean; mix the bleach solution with water according to the product instructions, then soak the clothes, wash them several times more during rinsing, so as to reduce the residue. This method is only for all white clothes, and other colored clothes are forbidden. In addition, because bleach can hurt clothes and skin, it is recommended not to use it often.

2、 Rinse with water

Drop a few drops of blue ink (not too much) into the water, mix well, and then put the washed white clothes in the water and pull them several times, and then dry them.

3、 Soak in white vinegar and lemonade

Add white vinegar or lemon juice to the water, then soak the white clothes in the water, and then rub and wash them, the effect is good.

4、 Airing method

When the white clothes turn yellow, you can soak them in water first, then rub them with washing powder or soap, rinse them, then rub them with washing powder or soap once, put them into plastic bags and tie them up, sun them in the sun for more than an hour, and finally take them out and rinse them.

5、 Washing rice with water

Soak the white clothes in the rice washing water, and then wash them with detergent. It is not easy to turn yellow when washing white clothes with rice washing water.

6、 Skim milk immersion method

Soak the white silk fabric with skim milk before washing, or add 2 tbsp milk to the water during the last rinse, so as to keep the natural color of the white silk fabric and prevent the yellow of the white clothes. Dry the clothes in the air.

7、 Dioxygen method

For bleached silk and wool fabrics, 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used, the liquid volume is 10 times of the weight of the fabric, and a little ammonia water is added to make it weakly alkaline. After 5-10 hours of soaking and bleaching at ordinary room temperature, wash and dry it.