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What are Hubei Xianning's preferential policies for encouraging two children to have two children?

Since the opening of the national two child policy, although many families want two children, some families refuse to have two children for various reasons. They rush into Xianning, Hubei Province to encourage people to have two children, and provide very favorable welfare conditions. What about having a second child?

The reporter recently learned from Xianning health and family planning commission that recently, our city took the lead in introducing the opinions on accelerating the implementation of comprehensive two child supporting policies (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) among the cities and prefectures of Hubei Province, encouraging the system of policy based childbearing, expanding the supply of public services, addressing the worries behind the upbringing of children, promoting the better implementation of the comprehensive two child policy, and promoting The long-term balanced development of the city's population and the harmonious and happy family.

The opinions has effectively integrated the existing policies and measures, so as to promote the implementation of various policies and measures to achieve better results. For example, the Department of health and family planning will lead the implementation of five national free maternal and child health service projects (marriage examination, pre pregnancy medical examination, two cancer screening, folic acid distribution, maternal AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B testing); the Department of human resources and social security will implement the childbearing expenses and the basic technical service expenses in accordance with the measures for the implementation of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents in Xianning City and the childbearing insurance for employees in Xianning City The method is included in the scope of reimbursement.

On the basis of the existing policies, the opinions made bold innovations. In response to the problem of unattended care, we will provide infant care services under the age of 3. In the opinion, we encourage qualified agencies, enterprises and institutions to extend maternity leave to six months for mothers with two or more children, and to extend paternity leave to one month for spouses, during which wages and bonuses will be paid. We will implement a flexible working system, allowing women workers with pregnancy and children under the age of 3 to choose their work time and time Location: for the pregnant women with two or more children who participate in the health examination during pregnancy in the jurisdiction, each subsidy of 300 yuan will be used for the health care service during pregnancy; the employer will be encouraged to provide welfare baby care services for the employees in the workplace. At the same time, the Opinions also increased support and security for families with two or more children in the childbirth policy in terms of discharge and delivery, kindergarten education fee, housing, etc.

In order to promote the implementation of the opinions, the city has also set up a leading group for the comprehensive two child supporting policy work, and is stepping up the issuance of specific implementation rules and performance appraisal programs to ensure the implementation of the two child supporting policies in the opinions, so that more people of childbearing age can afford, have a good life, raise a good life and raise a good child.

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Pregnancy benefits

Implement flexible work system. On the premise of completing the specified work tasks or fixed working hours, the employer shall allow the female employees who are pregnant and whose children are less than 3 years old to apply for flexible working hours or working places, and independently and flexibly select the specific working hours and places.

Provide free maternal and child health services. We will fully implement the following national free maternal and child health services: providing relevant medical examinations for men and women planning to get married; carrying out examinations for breast cancer and cervical cancer for urban and rural poor women of appropriate age; providing relevant medical examinations for rural couples who are in line with the policy plan to get pregnant; providing folic acid for rural women of childbearing age planning to get pregnant; providing HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B tests for pregnant women And provide corresponding treatment for those who are positive. On this basis, for pregnant women with two or more children in the policy of participating in pregnancy health examination within the jurisdiction, each pregnant woman shall be subsidized with 300 yuan for pregnancy health care services.

Expand characteristic health care services. For the female party who is over 35 years old and really needs to carry out assisted reproductive technology to give birth to two children, the expenses incurred shall be included in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement in proportion; for the family with special difficulties in family planning, in accordance with the notice of the general office of the people's Government of Hubei Province on further supporting the family with special difficulties in family planning (ezbf [2015] No. 81), the cumulative amount shall not exceed 30 For the subsidy of RMB 000, the expenses needed shall be disbursed from the funds raised in the provincial population welfare fund account by each county (city, district). To carry out non-invasive prenatal genetic testing for pregnant women with two or more children in the city's policy of over 35 years old.

Postpartum welfare

We will increase subsidies for hospital deliveries. If the insured urban and rural residents meet the maternity policy and give birth in hospital, the incurred medical expenses shall be included in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement in accordance with Article 14 of the measures for the implementation of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents of Xianning City, with the annual maximum payment limit of 900 yuan; the employees who participate in the maternity insurance shall enjoy the maternity medical expenses stipulated in the measures for the implementation of maternity insurance for employees of Xianning City. On this basis, for the second child or more mothers in the policy of hospital delivery of medical institutions within the jurisdiction, each mother can be given a certain financial subsidy, the required funds are listed in the financial budget of each county (city, district), and the municipal administrative institutions are listed in the municipal financial budget, and the subsidy standard and implementation time are determined by each region according to the actual situation.

Carry out genetic deafness gene test for two or more newborns within the city's policy, and the funds required shall be included in the financial budget of each county (city, district), and those of administrative institutions directly under the city shall be included in the financial budget of the city.

Extended maternity and nursing leave. It is encouraged that the competent authorities, enterprises and institutions extend the maternity leave to 6 months for the second child or above and the spouse's nursing leave to 1 month. The maternity leave and nursing leave shall be deemed as attendance, and the salary and bonus shall be paid accordingly.

We will accelerate the construction of maternal and infant facilities. We will accelerate the construction of public places and facilities for mothers and infants in employers. By 2020, all public places and employers that should be equipped with facilities for mothers and infants will have basically completed standardized facilities for mothers and infants.

We will increase the protection of women's labor rights and interests. All enterprises and institutions, especially those within their jurisdiction, shall strictly implement the regulations of Hubei Province on the labor protection of female employees, and shall not reduce their wages, dismiss them or terminate their labor or employment contracts due to their pregnancy, childbirth or lactation. It is necessary to include the employment of female employees, rejection of gender discrimination, protection of women's rights and interests in the "three periods" (pregnancy, maternity leave and lactation) according to law, and full payment of maternity insurance benefits in the important evaluation indicators of the performance of social responsibilities of enterprises, and list the enterprises with poor performance in the 'blacklist'.

Educational welfare

Carry out care services for infants under 3 years old. By 2020, the standard and standard system of infant care service will be initially established, the care service system will be initially formed, the level of care service will continue to improve, and the care needs will be initially met. We will strengthen the guidance for early development of infants and children in families, provide parents and caregivers with services such as infant nutrition, planned immunity, disease prevention and control, evaluation and guidance of children's psychological and behavioral development, and improve their care ability through parent-child activities, parent-child classes, and other information-based means such as the Internet. We will strengthen the training of nurseries and baby carers, and increase the supply of manpower.

We will increase support for education security. For the second or more children born in the policy who are enrolled in public kindergartens and inclusive private kindergartens within the jurisdiction, a certain amount of insurance and education fees may be reduced or exempted, and the funds required for the reduction or exemption shall be included in the county (city, district) financial budget, and the kindergartens belonging to the city shall be included in the municipal financial budget. The amount of the reduction or exemption and the implementation time shall be determined by each region according to the actual situation. In the implementation of the policy of "two exemptions and one subsidy" for compulsory education, priority should be given to students from families with two or more children in need, and the highest subsidy standard should be implemented.

Reasonably allocate educational resources. We will strengthen the construction of public kindergartens, guide and encourage social forces to run kindergartens, strengthen the training of pre-school teachers, and meet the needs of new pre-school teachers. We will increase the scale of compulsory education, allocate primary and secondary schools or school districts in a balanced way, promote the balanced development of schools through school trusteeship, joint school running and teacher exchanges, ensure the demand for enrollment, and ease the problems of large classes and school selection in urban and county urban areas.

Medical benefits

Optimize the allocation of medical resources. We should strengthen the construction of maternal and child health service system, build a children's Hospital at the municipal level, build a standardized maternal and child health service institution organized by the government through reconstruction and expansion in counties and urban areas, and appropriately expand maternity and pediatric beds, and strengthen the construction of Obstetrics and pediatrics in Township health centers. We will speed up the introduction and training of obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives and nurses, and give preference to the evaluation of professional titles and the distribution of salaries. We will guide and encourage social forces to run non-profit women's and children's hospitals to meet the needs of the masses for multi-level and diversified services.

Housing welfare

Families with two or more children in the policy shall enjoy the following preferential policies: families who meet the requirements for application for indemnificatory housing shall be allocated preferentially in the allocation of indemnificatory housing; those who are unable to bear the rent of public rental housing due to living difficulties shall be granted a certain amount of fund relief after the examination of the civil affairs department; no matter local or non local residents, those who purchase ordinary commercial housing for the first time in Xianning City Or purchase the second set of improved housing for the family, give certain purchase subsidies, and relax the purchase loan and withdrawal policy of housing accumulation fund.