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What's the reason for biting nails? Like how to correct nail biting?

In daily life, have you ever seen such a person, who likes to bite his nails, and even can see the flesh when he bites his nails bare? What's the cause? Nail biting is definitely a subconscious disease, so we must pay attention to it. There are many reasons for nail biting, which can be treated or corrected according to different reasons.

1. Iron and zinc deficiency

When the human body is lack of zinc or iron, it will lead to the disorder of metabolic function, and will affect the taste and appetite. It is easy to have the symptoms of Pichia, among which nail biting is a very common symptom. In this case, first of all, we need to know the reasons for the lack of these two elements, and then we need to eliminate the influencing factors and reasonably supplement the nutritional elements of human body, which can effectively alleviate or treat the symptoms of nail biting.

2. Too much pressure

Many people in the pressure is too big, will show through some small movements, or some simple things to relieve the pressure. For example, when learning pressure is too high, many people have the symptoms of biting pen and nail. For example, too much work pressure and too much life pressure will cause the symptoms of biting nail, which is very harmful to health. In this case, some healthy and reasonable ways can be used to relieve the pressure and replace these incorrect ways.

3. Bad habits

In some specific cases, some people will have the symptom of biting their fingers, and sometimes they don't even notice it. This may be a long-term habit of biting their nails. This phenomenon takes a long time to form, and it is caused by many repetitions. Therefore, it is difficult to eliminate this phenomenon in general, and it will lead to learning in the process of compulsory elimination Learning efficiency and working efficiency will be reduced, so it will have a great impact on life. It needs someone to supervise for a period of time to correct this bad habit.