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How does Alipay spend interest? Alipay flower interest calculation method

Nowadays, the emergence of various lending platforms has made many people lose their money when they are short of money. What do you think of Alipay's flowers? Hua Bai is a consumer credit product of Internet credit provided by Alibaba. More than 600 of sesame users have the opportunity to apply for the flower credit line, which can be consumed first and then repayment next month. Well, do you know what to do when Alipay spends interest?

How much is the interest? How is it?

Huabei's repayment date is from the 1st to the 10th of each month. If the current payable amount is not paid off within the repayment date, overdue interest will be generated. The interest will be charged on a daily basis at 0.05% of the current outstanding amount.

For example:

Suppose you want to pay 1000 yuan back in July, but only 500 yuan is paid before July 10. When you pay back on July 15, the overdue interest will be 1.25 yuan (formula: 500 & times; 0.05% & times; 5 = 1.25).

Huabei is a credit consumer product. If it is overdue, it needs to pay interest on a daily basis, which will also affect its credit and use of Huabei. So if there is any outstanding amount, it should be paid off as soon as possible!