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Who is my father? Uncover the mystery of Jinmi's life experience

in the TV series "fragrant honey and deep ashes like frost", Jinmi played by Yang Zi is also popular among the audience, so what is Jinmi's life experience? Xufeng thinks that Jinmi is the child of his father and Huashen, so why does Jinmi die when his mother is born? What is Jin Mi's life experience? Who is Jin Mi's biological father? Let's take a look at it with sihaiwang Xiaobian.

in order to prevent Jinmi from leaving the flower world, the Lord of Changfang has always restricted her. Jinmi is not a fruit essence, but a frost flower. Jinmi is the daughter of Huashen and shuishen, but Huashen does not let her daughter be hurt and seals all the marks of Jinmi.

At the beginning of that year, Huashen and Tiandi loved each other, but Tiandi later married someone else. Later, Huashen and shuishen were together for the sake of love, but later she made a pile of shuishen and Fengshen. Therefore, Huashen was tortured by love, and she was a woman who was completely wounded by love. Therefore, she wanted Jinmi, who just came out of the world, to break her love.

Huashen passed away just after giving birth to Jinmi. It is reported that when Huashen gave birth to Jinmi, all kinds of flowers at that time competed to open. When the last Chimonanthus bloomed, at the moment when the petals withered, Huashen coughed up blood donation, spun out a frost flower, condensed into a crystal water drop, and turned into a pink and tender Jinmi.

Jinmi was born with frost, so she was a frost flower. In order to protect Jinmi, Huashen hid Jinmi's identity. Because she knew that once she knew Jinmi's identity, she would get rid of Jinmi, so Huashen sealed Jinmi and made her into a grape.

Jinmi never knew who his own father was. He and his friend flesh and blood were looking for their own father. In fact, Jinmi's father was shuishen. Shuishen didn't know. Shuishen always said that they were in the mood and stopped at ceremony. But at that time, when Huashen and shuishen were both cultivating, Huashen lit shuishen's sleeping hole, and then Jinmi had it.

However, Jinmi's father, shuishen, married Fengshen for various reasons. When he learned that Jinmi was his daughter, his father loved Jinmi like a mountain. He didn't hesitate to fight with Tian Tian, and even gave Jinmi the willow leaf Xuan ice blade with his half body spirit for self-defense. Finally, he died in the hands of Suihe, the leader of bird family.

Jinmi, the heroine in the burning honey like frost, is not the same as the stereotyped image of the heroine in the past costume dramas. In the early stage, she was free and easy and lovely, and she did not know the world and love. In the later stage, with the development of the plot, she also had a sincere passion.