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Are honey and Jin Mi brothers and sisters? Who is Jinmi's father?

the Xianxia drama "fragrant honey is sinking like frost" starring Yang Zi and Deng Lun is on the air, which has aroused the expectation of numerous audiences long before the play is released. After the play goes online, it has not only been recognized by the original novel powder, but also in the latest scenario, Xu Feng knows Jinmi's life experience, thinking that Jinmi is the daughter of his father and Huashen, which is just a brain hole Da Kai, are Xu Feng and Jin Mi brothers and sisters? The melon eaters are worried.

In the next few episodes, Jinmi and Xufeng will have further development. It's said that Xu Feng was injured when he was dealing with poverty. Jinmi saw him heal for a long time alone. After a long time, Xu Feng recovered. Jinmi was still uneasy. During the pulling, he saw many scars on Xu Feng. In order to cure Xu Feng, Jinmi decided to cultivate Qingshuang Ganoderma, the holy thing in the flower world. They also made a vow. If Jinmi succeeded in cultivating ganoderma, they would You can obtain the 300 year holy power of Xu Feng.

Jinmi finally succeeded in cultivating Qingshuang Ganoderma lucidum after many attempts. He was about to invite Xu Feng for contributions. Unexpectedly, Xu Feng's face darkened immediately. Poor little Jin MI is still in a fog. I don't know why Bai Xufeng suddenly becomes different. Xu Feng knows that Qingshuang Ganoderma lucidum is not an ordinary product. It is impossible to cultivate a small grape essence. Only those who have a special relationship with xianhuashen can cultivate such a spirit.

Xu Feng already knew that Jinmi was probably the daughter of the first Huashen. From his eyes, she could see that she was clearly unwilling to believe and disappointed. Because in the past, there was an emotional dispute between xianhuashen and Tiandi, almost no one knew it. He Xufeng knew that if Jinmi was the daughter of xianhuashen, she would be her sister. In the latest disclosure of the novel, Xu Feng returns to the flower world with Jin MI. Lord Chang Fang tells the story of Jin MI. It turns out that she is indeed the daughter of the late Flower God.

In the beginning, Xu Feng thought that the person she loved was a close relative of flesh and blood. It's not easy to reverse the plot. Jinmi is not the daughter of the emperor of heaven, but the daughter of the God of water. But Lord Changfang's next words broke him down. When the Lord Changfang tells Jin Mi's life story, he also makes Jin Mi's mother killing enemy appear. It turns out that Huashen was killed by her mother, Tian Tian. At that time, Tian Tian took advantage of Huashen's coma and burned her Lingyuan five Nei with poisonous fire. Although Huashen escaped, she knew that there was not much time for her. She worked hard to give birth to Jin and then died.

The son who killed his mother and enemy fell in love with him. From the beginning, it almost presupposes that there must be a sadistic love between them. Although Kami has convinced meteorite pill, he will still fall in love with Xu Feng. There is also a picture of the two people expressing their love and Xu Feng proposing to each other. I wish that was the ending. But in the end, the two will turn against each other. It's not clear whether Xufeng and Jinmi can have a happy ending. Please prepare paper towels, and tears will come in the future.