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Can Chen Yifa, the first sister of douyu, return? Why was Chen Yifa banned by douyu?

At noon on July 31, Jiangsu online police said that some netizens reported that Chen yifa'er, the protagonist of douyu, had openly joked about the tragic memories of the Nanjing Massacre, the Opium War, the fall of the three eastern provinces and other ethnic groups during his early live broadcast. Chen yifa'er was banned from the live broadcasting room by the official douyu because she was joking about heroes. Can she return after the storm? What do you think?

Can Chen Yifa make a comeback? From the statement of douyu last night, we can draw the conclusion that it's not that I want to break your back, it's you who have kicked the steel plate, and it's the hardest steel plate in the country. It's not long after the laws related to insulting the martyrs were issued, you came to commit the crime against the wind. I have a headache in fighting fish. I'm desperate to do what I can without you as a rich man.

However, do not give up to return. What should be done is the same as fighting fish. First of all, we should take a stand, and then we should block it completely. Finally, we should not condone such acts. You think that Chen Yifa, as the elder of douyu, has been abandoned by douyu. In the future, who is more brave to accept Chen Yifa than douyu?

In addition, the majority of the audience in this session is very firm, and the value orientation is also correct. If you are wrong, you are wrong. It is wrong to apologize anyway. What's more, you can't be forgiven for your mistakes, otherwise anyone in this country can be forgiven for insulting the dead. How bad will the social atmosphere be? So, people are always killed by themselves. Even if you don't do it now, the pits you dug before will still bury their own fruits.

It's impossible to return. Can such a person return when the law of the country cannot be tolerated and the people's emotions cannot be accepted? She has talents, abilities and lots of humor. It's a pity that we have taken a long way. Finally, the warning to all network hosts is not to challenge the national bottom line, because you can't afford to lose.