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What's the final result of honey sinking and ashes like frost moistening jade? Why does Runyu turn b

Before watching the promotional film, I was very looking forward to the honey sinking and frost like ashes. Yang Zi and Deng Lun also performed very well in the play. Moreover, the special effect team was quite strong and conscience was made. So far, the main line of the play has gradually become clear. Does Runyu like Jinmi? Why does Runyu end up blackened?

Jinmi and Xufeng are just good. The supporting roles of fox fairy and Runyu are also good. The director has a good grasp of it. Sure enough, actors and actors, actors and directors have achieved each other's success.

Just recently, many netizens have been paying attention to the play "Honey sinking like frost". No matter in plot or theme, the play is very similar to the 17-year-old "three lives three lives ten miles peach blossom", which also makes many netizens think that the play will become a hit this summer. The play is directed by Zhu Ruibin and starred by Yang Zi and Deng Lun. Based on the novel of the same name of the wire, it tells the story of Jinmi and Xufeng III's endless love and the love for thousands of years.

In the play, Jinmi and Runyu and Xufeng have emotional disputes, while Runyu is the one who loves but cannot. His identity is the emperor's great prince, but in the emperor's heart he can never compare with Xu Feng, and because of the tragic death of his mother, he embarked on the road of revenge. Runyu's front and back are quite different, and there are many ups and downs. Luo Yunxi said that this role is heartbreaking and hateful, and it's a very sad character.

Runyu is the hindrance of Jinmi's love with Xufeng, and also the result of the third world's sadistic love. Runyu is a prince, his father is the emperor, his adoptive mother is the queen, and his real body is a white dragon. When Runyu was born, he lived with carp. At the beginning, the appearance of dragon didn't appear. When he grew up, he began to have carp without horns and claws, which was despised and ridiculed by carp.

Because of his own life experience, Runyu made his temperament dull, but at last he became a puppet of power and a man of unswerving means. At the beginning, Runyu was a humble young man, but he couldn't find love because he loved Jin deeply. Although he was the emperor's great son, he never really got attention. Because of his mother's death, he gradually stepped into the whirlpool of power struggle.

In fact, since Runyu was adopted by Empress Tian, he has lived a life under the fence of others. He can't compare with Xu Feng or dare not compare with him. Since childhood, Runyu has worked hard to get the attention of emperor Tian and empress Tian. When Xu Feng Nirvana was attacked by mystical attack, Yun Yu wanted to investigate clearly for Xu Feng. However, he did not intend to find out that he was secretly investigating herself. Tian Tian's suspicion of her made her thoroughly sober. No matter how hard she worked, she could not be completely trusted in the heart of heaven.

The lost Runyu meets the lively Jinmi, who is attracted by her innocence and gradually falls in love with Jinmi, and finds that Xufeng also falls in love with Jinmi. When I learned that Jinmi was the daughter of water god, I was surprised because I was engaged to the daughter of Water God.

But Xufeng's hegemony and directness gradually moved Jinmi. Runyu had no status, power, family, and even the only love she wanted to pursue was about to be taken away, so she began to make a small calculation in her heart. Finally, Jinmi and Xufeng are together. Runyu becomes the emperor of heaven and has the supreme right and status, but Jinmi is completely lost. Because his love is too crazy, too arrogant, to Jinmi has not believed.