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Why does the sweet honey sink and burn like frost and flower god give Jinmi to eat the meteorite pil

The ancient costume drama "fragrant honey sinks like frost" is expected by many fans. It tells about the emotional entanglement between Xu Feng, the male leader, and Jin MI, the female leader. There are so many curious things about Jinmi, the heroine of the play. It's very interesting to break love. Why does Kami's mother want to give Kami meteorite pill?

An analysis of the reason why Jinmi ate the heartless pill

Jinmi is the daughter of Huashen. At the beginning, she turned into a little grape. She has no memory and doesn't know what love is.

In fact, Jinmi will eat the heartless pill just because Huashen wants to protect Jinmi. As for the specific reason, we need to wait for the TV play to broadcast. It's estimated that I feel that my love road is rough, and I don't want my children to have the same emotional experience as myself.

Jinmi always thought that she was a grape growing up in the water mirror. She never thought that she had a relative. But in fact, her mother died for her, but Jinmi didn't know that her mother was the former Flower God.

Jinmi's mother is Huashen, and her father is shuishen. At that time, Huashen ordered shuishen's sleeping cave during their weekends, so shuishen didn't know that they were in the mood and stopped at rites.

Just as they never knew, in order to protect Jinmi, Huashen died, and gave Jinmi a desperate pill before he died.