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How long can the umbilical cord of a newborn fall off? How to nurse after umbilical cord fall off?

How long will the umbilical cord fall off? For the novice parents, is it anxiety and worry to see that the umbilical cord does not fall off? When does the umbilical cord fall off normally, the umbilical cord will fall off within 2 weeks, but this is only a reference value. Some babies fall off in about 7 days, but some babies fall off in about 1 month.

What to do if the umbilical cord doesn't fall off

After the birth of the fetus, the umbilical cord is tied, and the stump will turn brown and white in a few hours, then gradually dry, thin, black and finally fall off.

Under normal circumstances, the time of umbilical cord falling off of most newborns will vary according to the situation of the baby, generally falling off 1-2 weeks after birth. If the baby's umbilical cord still does not fall off after 2 weeks, we should carefully observe the situation of the umbilical cord, as long as there is no sign of infection, such as no swelling or suppuration, no large amount of liquid from the umbilical fossa exudation, parents do not have to worry too much. If there is any abnormality, it is recommended to take the baby to the hospital.

How to nurse the newborn baby after the navel falls off

After the baby's umbilical cord falls off, parents need to further care for the baby after the umbilical cord falls off to ensure the healthy growth of the baby.

1. Keep dry: keep dry before the baby's umbilical cord falls off, especially wet the root of the umbilical cord when bathing, wipe it with a clean cotton stick first, and then carry out umbilical care.

2. Avoid friction: the size of diapers should be appropriate, and do not make the waist of diapers just at the root of the umbilical cord, so that when the baby moves, it is easy to rub the root of the umbilical cord, resulting in red skin and even bleeding.

3. Avoid sultry heat. Never use the cream, emulsion and oil to smear the roots of the umbilical cord, so that the umbilical cord is not easy to dry or even cause infection.

Cord care of newborn

Newborn babies are very vulnerable, and the antibacterial ability is low, so we should pay more attention to the umbilical cord care of newborn babies.

1. When nursing the umbilical cord, the mother must wash her hands to avoid the infection of bacteria on her hands.

2. When the baby takes a bath, do not let the umbilical cord get wet before it falls off. If you want to swim for your baby in the newborn stage, be sure to bring waterproof stickers.

3. The umbilical cord and its surrounding skin should be kept dry and clean, especially the diaper should not be covered to the umbilical part, so as to avoid urine or feces contaminating the umbilical wound.

4. Wipe it twice a day with Iodophor cotton swab, once in the morning and once in the evening. When wiping, one hand lifts the small string at the ligation part of the umbilical cord, and the other hand fully wipes the connection between the umbilical cord and the meat with the cotton swab stained with Iodophor.