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When is the movie version of love apartment on? Movie love apartment release time

love apartment has always been the youth of many people, full of memories. Recently, the movie version has been released, and the most loved and the most close people are always by their side. Will you go to the cinema to support it? Over the years, the actors in this TV play still have a big gap in the development of their acting career. For many post-80s and post-90s, will they miss this TV play every summer vacation?

Chen he, who plays a good man, Zeng Xiaoxian, is one of the best developed in the city. His divorce didn't affect him at that time. Now, Hu Yifei is the first brother of variety show. In the past two years, Hu Yifei has also started to participate in variety show. Hu Yifei is still the same as before, with little change. People like him. On the evening of May 9, 2018, the TV dramatist of love apartment tweeted: "2009-2018, the ten-year agreement, we are really back, all the waiting is worth it! These familiar people sit together, just like" love apartment ", our love is on the opposite side, Amy's door, summer vacation will not disappear '! And released the poster," love apartment "movie is scheduled on August 10.

The original group of people and horses, reunited in ten years! Now we watch this movie, more about feelings. The news is really sudden. I didn't expect that reuniting in ten years would be such a touching form. The familiar names Zeng Xiaoxian, Hu Yifei, Chen Meijia, Zhang Wei, Tang youyou and LV ziqiao appeared on the posters again, which made the fans very excited.

Many of Hu Yifei's classic lines have been able to open their mouths up to now: 'say what you are not happy about and make everyone happy', 'I think it's not reliable, China's men's World Cup winning is about the same as yours',' you are short of heart and eyes, most of the world is big, but you are short of heart and eyes', 'I really want to PIA my 37 size shoes to your 42 size shoes now Face! Vegetable people can speak better than you. Can you believe I'll plant you in a flowerpot now.

Chen he and Hu Yifei were very popular at that time. At one time, they thought they were a couple in real life, but it was not a pity that they finally became good friends. But Tang youyou and Guan Gu, the bored CP, are going to cool this time. Only Tang youyou's name is seen in the poster, but Guan Gu is not!

Careful fans feel very sorry for this: "Guan Gu is not here, is it called the original team?" "ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! I'm so excited, I've been waiting for love 4 for more than four years!!! It's a pity that there is no Guan Gu this time!" "how can you do without Guan Gu?".