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What color roses are better for Valentine's day? Different colors, different words of rose flowers

What color roses will be sent to Chinese Valentine's day on Chinese Valentine's day in 2018? Of course, roses will be sent to Chinese Valentine's day. Roses are indispensable to express love between men and women and also a symbol of romantic love. What color roses will be better on Chinese Valentine's day?

What is the flower language of roses

Rose flower language: love, love and beauty, radiant and brave.

Rose is the national flower of America, England, Spain, Luxembourg and Bulgaria.

In 1988, rose was designated as the city flower by the Standing Committee of Shenyang Municipal People's Congress.

Rose has many colors: red, yellow, white, purple... All kinds of representative meaning or love language.

Roses have long symbolized beauty and love. Ancient Greek and Roman peoples used roses to symbolize their gods of love, en: Aphrodite Aphrodite and en: Venus. In Greek mythology, the rose is a masterpiece created by Zeus. It is used to boast about its power to the gods

What color roses are good for Chinese Valentine's Day 2018

Rose (red): passionate, loving you, I love you, I love you, I hope to have passionate love with you

Rose (blue): miracles and impossibilities.

Rose (pink): moved, ambiguous love, taboo that can't be appealed to the mouth, engraved in the heart, first love, like your brilliant smile.

Rose (white): innocence, purity, respect, humility. I'm good enough for you.

Rose (yellow): apologize for love and enjoy the day with you. In Japan, yellow rose is the representative gift of breaking up. In some places, yellow rose also means waiting, waiting for your love.

Rose (purple): melancholy. Dream, love dream.

Rose: love of happiness.

Rose (Orange): shyness, a mysterious love for you.

Rose (bud): beauty and youth.

Rose (Orange): desire.

Rose (red + white): shared

Rose (red + yellow): happy

Rose: pure love, beautiful love and beauty always exist.

Red rose: love, passion, love you.

Pink Rose: first love, courtship, love and special care.

Yellow rose: noble, beautiful or apologetic.

Orange Rose: full of youth, first love mood.

White Rose: innocent and pure.

Green Rose: pure and simple, youth long stay, I only love you one.

Blue Rose: honest and kind

Black Rose: noble, mysterious you are my goddess

Champagne rose: Dream