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What's the reason crape myrtle burns my calories? What did Ziwei say to the horse?

&#What's the reason why crape myrtle burns my calories? There's such a scene in huanzhugge. I don't know that my friends still remember how to cut it. When the little swallow crape myrtle and his party met heavy rain, the horse refused to leave. Everyone had no idea. At this time, crape myrtle said something in the horse's ear. The horse miraculously worked hard. Finally, the swallow ate a mouthful of mud!

​ this netizen is so excellent that they cut out a lyric of Yang Chao's "calorie" song and put it together with crape myrtle. Their voices are very similar to each other and there is no sense of conflict after switching! In fact, that song has Yang Chao's sentence and a sense of adding flowers to the scene;

​ the most controversial new song of rocket girl is Yang Chaoyue's scream. Although the main melody of this song is relatively light, I don't know why it's Yang Chaoyue's lyrics that make people feel very out of place. The scream from the heart succeeds in breaking the sound, but as a recording engineer, Yang Chaoyue says that it's not breaking the sound It's the effect.

​ but this bridge section of crape myrtle is surprisingly suitable! For this, netizens have brain holes.

Brain hole 1: burn your calories

Brain hole 2: kill the swallow

Brain hole three: let mammy do what she does to me

It seems that mammy Rong is powerful. Horses are afraid

Brain hole four: you say the mouth toots

This netizen is afraid of trembling.

Naodong5: crape myrtle: I've paid for it Ma: understand

Brain hole six: gently close to your ears, and wave

This netizen is so excellent. I've been laughing for a year.