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Have you tried coke with peanuts? What's the taste of coke and peanuts?

What's the taste of coke and peanuts? I don't know if you've ever done this magic operation. The American Video News Network 'nowThis news' tweeted that the way to eat peanuts in coke is splitting up the American people & hellip; & hellip;' emmm & hellip; & hellip; Chinese netizens said: excuse me, I think it's Laba garlic in the north of China!

Coca Cola's official website once wrote in 2013 that although there is no written record, the first batch of peanuts to be added to coke was probably in the 1920s.

John T. edge, South food director of the University of Mississippi South cultural center, grew up in Georgia. "Any road trip is driven by a bag of salted peanuts and a bottle of coke," he said. According to John, the Group 'is likely to be a commercial product of rural stores', a 20th Century Southern fast food prototype.

Some argue that the tradition was originally meant to liberate one hand, to smoke freely or to continue working. 'and when you want something to eat until dinner time, you can't refuse a bottle of iced coke filled with peanuts'.

For those who never let go of any delicious Chinese 'food', this novel combination seems to be worth a try.