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What is the end of honey sinking and ashes like frost moistening jade? Does Runyu like Jinmi?

After the release of the official still photo of fragrant honey sinking like frost, Runyu's dress is really impressive, her character is warm as water, but her inner ambition is huge. What is the final result of Runyu? The personal data of Luo Yunxi, who plays Runyu.

Who played the role of fragrant honey, deep ashes and frost moistening jade

The official stills of fragrant honey and ashes like frost have come out. The role of Runyu seems to be the most consistent with the original work. The role of Runyu played by Luo Yunxi in the play is fresh, handsome and gentle. Although he is a great Royal Highness in the heaven, he bears the unknown life experience. He deeply loves Jinmi (Yang Zi) but cannot love it. He goes on the wrong way of competing with Xufeng (Deng Lun) for power and profit In the end, I wake up and realize that I have not made a big mistake. It's a role that changes a lot and fluctuates a lot. Luo Yunxi said that the first time he played the role of "blackening", he was very entangled, Runyu felt very sad because of his suffering, and he was very sad because of the bad things Runyu did. Although he went through a detour, Runyu was a very sad role. I hope you don't 'hate him too much' when you watch the play.

Sweet honey sinks like frost and moistens jade

Runyu, the illegitimate son of the emperor of heaven, also known as the night God, lived in self abasement and hatred when he was young. In order to avenge his mother and seek the throne of the emperor of heaven, he designed everything. He did not want to fall in love with Jinmi, the daughter of Huashen, in the process of design. On the one hand, power, love, and ambition defeated love. On the other hand, he designed and used Jinmi for the sake of love. In the war with Xufeng In, brocade seeks to use own body to block all, at this time, he just knew that he finally cannot obtain her, although became the new emperor.

Personal information of Luo Yunxi, the actor of Runyu

Luo Yunxi (LEO), born on July 28, 1988 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, graduated from the dance Institute of Shanghai Drama Institute, Chinese male singer and actor.

On December 27, 2010, Luo Yunxi made his debut as a member of jboy3 group, with his representative works: the movie "meet you when you are most beautiful"; the TV series "how to play Sheng Xiao Mo", who played the role of the TV series in the college age, "father in charge of the family", "love song of the ancient times", "pediatrician", etc.; the Internet series "the ultimate Ranger", "fox in the screen", "corpse Whisperer"; the music works "contract of love" Book, Xia Weiyang, fox in the screen, etc.