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Do you still worry about the rapid treatment of aphtha

When it comes to "aphtha", you may be a little strange, but when it comes to oral ulcer, I believe you will be very familiar with it. Some people suffer from mouth sores because of the taboo in life and the attack of inflammation in the body. At this time, patients will feel very painful. It not only affects our eating and speaking, but also causes bad breath, constipation, headache and other symptoms. So how to treat mouth sore quickly and effectively? Here are four common ways of life.

The first method is to use watermelon cream lozenge or spray. Generally, buccal tablets have the effects of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, heat clearing and detoxification, among which watermelon cream has the best effect. Watermelon cream has been regarded as a good medicine for the treatment of oral and throat diseases. When suffering from aphtha, you may as well go to the drugstore to buy watermelon cream lozenges or sprays, which will get better in a few days.

The second method is to rinse with honey water. Mix honey and lukewarm boiled water in the proportion of 1:10, stir evenly, wash and rinse the mouth with honey water, then dip a cotton stick with appropriate amount of honey and smear it on the ulcer surface, do not eat for 15 minutes after application. After that, you can swallow honey and saliva together, and then daub it for a second time, one can be repeated many times. Honey has the effect of anti-inflammatory and analgesic, promoting cell regeneration, and accelerating ulcer wound healing.

The third way is to eat ice sugar. In the onset of 'aphthous ulcer', taking ice sugar is also a good way to relieve pain, because ice sugar has the effect of clearing away heat and cooling blood. A few pieces of ice sugar in the mouth every day can relieve the pain of 'aphtha', and effectively improve the bitterness and halitosis of the mouth.

The fourth way is to take some vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is also the main cause of oral ulcer. Therefore, when oral ulcer occurs, we can take vitamin C or B2 tablets, crush them and apply them on the ulcer surface; or we can take vitamin C and vitamin B2 orally, which can also play a good role in the healing of oral ulcer.