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What is the killing of Cixi's jitter network red? Cixi net red portkas. D. ace profile

How is the Cixi web red assassinated? According to Ningbo Cixi Sanbei criminal police, a woman was assassinated by a man in the evening of August 1 in a homicide near xinduhui, Cixi. On the evening of August 1, many netizens revealed in their microblogs and friends' circles that a woman had her throat cut by a man in a vicious homicide at a shopping mall in Cixi, Ningbo.

According to the insider, the deceased was the net red lady.

The girl who was killed was called "Potter CASS.D. ace" on the jitter.

Open her vibrato home page, there are 59 works, full of youthful and lively breath, praised 2 million 974 thousand, 39.5w fans.

From last night to today, countless netizens came to see her off, leaving messages under her works, full of reluctance:

May heaven also have a doll machine.

Rest in peace. May there be no pain in heaven.

It's a pity that such a beautiful goddess was killed. Did the murderer do it?

Rest in peace and don't want to know you this way.

The whole Cixi has been brushed all over you.

I can't see your new work any more.

In the last video, you can hear the heartbreaking cry of her relatives.

Netizen "where to provoke the dust" suspected the scene witness, replied, "I'm drinking milk tea and watching how happy you are with your baby. Suddenly a man came and you fell down, and he ran away! I chased him out. Then come back you are no longer here! Alas, the next life is OK. '