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What is the relationship between Fuyao and Emperor Feitian? Why is emperor Feitian sealed?

The TV series "whirlwind" is on the air. So far, it has been updated to 60 episodes, so there are 6 episodes left for the finale. Before the ending, Fuyao finally saw herself after the blackout. She couldn't believe that all this was true. So what is the relationship between Fuyao and Emperor Feitian?

Wuji's master told Fuyao that she was the chosen one of wuse stone. Originally, she could live a carefree life, but she could not escape the fate.

Thousands of years ago, the evil fire emperor Feitian was defeated, but she did not disappear. A trace of his blood coagulated the five color stone, which was guiding the whirlwind to untie the seal. Once the five seal was untied, the emperor Feitian would wake up completely.

Fuyao saw her just waking up in the lotus. She was smiling at herself. At this time, the lotus girl was just supported. She was an innocent girl.

Unexpectedly, the evil spirit of the emperor was attached to the lotus girl, so the lotus girl became the Black Lotus, and the black lotus was attached to the body by the evil spirit, so it became the demon lotus.

She could not believe that it was true. At this time, Fuyao was very painful. At the same time, the master told her that the emperor's bad sense had been calling for Fuyao to turn her into a monster in five continents.

It is the existence of Fuyao that gives emperor Feitian a chance to make a comeback. When Fuyao unties the five seals, it is the day when Emperor Feitian wakes up. At that time, Fuyao will be the culprit of the five continents.

Master told Fuyao that only when she died could the world survive the disaster and the emperor could never be resurrected.

See here, instantly understand that Fuyao is the emperor Feitian, and the emperor Feitian is Fuyao. As long as Fuyao is dead, the emperor Feitian will die.

If whirlwind does not die, can anyone in the world compete with whirlwind? The answer is yes, the only person who can destroy whirlwind in the world is Prince Wuji.

It's so cruel. Let two people who love each other kill each other? Of course, the prince Wuji won't kill Fuyao. What about Fuyao? Will she kill the prince Wuji after she is blacked?

When Fuyao thought of it, she was very painful. She thought of ending it by suicide. Before she killed herself, Fuyao left a blood book for Wuji, which said, "don't forget me.".

It's really cruel. Will Prince Wuji come to rescue Fuyao after seeing the blood book? Let's wait and see.