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Don't take bad sleep as a small thing any more. We need to adjust it in time

There are three international standards of health: adequate sleep, a balanced diet and proper exercise. Among them, sleep has the same high status as diet for each of us. Previous scientific research has proved that people will die without sleep for five consecutive days, which is not alarmist. In addition, if sleep is not good but can not be adjusted, it will not only feel tired and depressed, but also lead to memory loss, emotional instability and immune system decline. More importantly, it may be one of the symptoms of a potential disease of the body.

In today's world, the more high-pressure areas or countries, the more prominent the sleep problem, so the more programs, books, organizations and so on to treat insomnia and adjust sleep. With the rapid development of China, the problem of sleep is becoming more and more prominent, especially the young white-collar workers who are struggling outside are Alexander. They have poor sleep and need to be adjusted. Next, I will teach you a good way to adjust your sleep.

1. Practice half an hour of soothing yoga, relax and adjust your mind. Half an hour before going to bed to avoid hard work or thinking, you can play soothing light music, which helps to sleep. Sometimes bad sleep is related to the sleeping posture. Right side lying is an ideal posture, not squeezing the heart. Don't press your legs or your right hand, or you will not sleep because of numbness.

2. Develop regular living habits, exercise moderately and keep energetic and physical. Regular sleep habits help us form our own biological clock. We can use alarm clock, timer and schedule to help us form regular habits, adjust or even completely change the status quo of our poor sleep. Exercise helps us to adjust our sleeping state and the mental state of the day.

3. Make certain preparations before going to bed. Bubble feet, noise reduction, low room light, etc., as well as the ability to move TV, computer and other products out of the bedroom, these are good ways to form a good habit, which can let you sleep to wake up naturally. There is also ventilation to keep the indoor air transparent and clean. Of course, a soft and hard mattress can not only adjust the state of bad sleep, but also adjust the state of the body's spine.