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How does blood transfusion infect AIDS to return a responsibility? Why can blood transfusion infect

What's the matter with blood transfusion infected with AIDS? Blood transfusion is intended to save people, but in this process, who should bear the responsibility? On August 2, Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice and Jiangsu Provincial Legal Aid Foundation held a press conference to announce the 2017 results of "top 10 excellent cases of legal aid" and "top 10 good cases of legal aid" in Jiangsu Province.

The reporter of surging news (www.thepaper. CN) noted that "blood transfusion of blood friends and young people unfortunately infected with HIV, and the legal aid was eventually compensated" was selected into the top ten outstanding cases.

Hemophilia is a group of haemorrhagic diseases with hereditary coagulation dysfunction. It is characterized by prolonged coagulation time after trauma, which is also known as "Glassman". If you don't pay attention to it, you will have more blood flow. Many patients suffer from joint injury, even disability and paralysis due to lack of prevention.

Teng, a 9-year-old from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, is such a hemophilia patient. He has successively examined and treated blood transfusion in the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College, Shuyang County People's Hospital and Xinyi City People's hospital.

In February 2018, the blood test of Xuzhou CDC reported that the HIV antibody was positive, but all the close relatives living with it showed that the indicator was negative.

In Teng's view, in addition to blood transfusion infection in medical institutions, other ways of infection can be excluded. After suffering from AIDS, Teng's family, who had been plagued by the disease, became even worse. Later, he turned to Xinyi Legal Aid Center for help.

According to relevant information disclosure, the undertaker lawyer took the infected Teng to many places to collect relevant diagnosis and treatment materials and track the blood source. Finally, he sued five medical institutions in Xuzhou and Suqian, including three hospitals and two blood stations (blood center), and asked the five defendants to jointly compensate Teng for nutrition, nursing and spiritual compensation for 10 years, totaling 247000 yuan.

The legal aid lawyer who undertook the case said that Teng was found to be infected with AIDS after transfusion of blood products at the above-mentioned medical institution due to hemophilia. As the plaintiff, Teng has completed the burden of proof, and his HIV infection can only have a causal relationship with the behavior of blood transfusion products. Medical institutions should bear the burden of proof for the treatment behavior and Teng's virus infection.

Finally, the court of first instance adjudicated five defendant units to make economic compensation. 'after the efforts of legal aid lawyers, the rights and interests of this unfortunate young man were finally safeguarded. "Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice wrote in the case data.