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What's the matter with Chen Yifa? Why is Chen Yifa banned from broadcasting?

Recently, the gossip in the entertainment game circle can be said to be continuous. Recently, Chen Yifa, the hero League and singing anchor, was pushed to the forefront of the storm because of a 16 year video with the meaning of "humiliating China", and Chen Yifa, the betta, was banned. It is estimated that it will be difficult to mix in the live broadcast circle in the future.

I don't know who deliberately wants to engage in fajie. Maybe it's because there are too many rhythms of other people recently. In order to transfer the fire power, fajie brings the rhythm to fajie. After this video comes out, fajie immediately sends an apology micro blog:

And douyu also immediately tweeted that it would rectify Chen Yifa's live studio. Note that it's just rectification here, that is to say, there is still a chance to continue the live broadcast. So many fans are relieved after seeing this news. After all, 16 years ago, it would be a bit 'pity' if it was sealed as a result of this event.

But in less than half a day, the attitude of douyu has changed 180 degrees. Chen Yifa, as the female face anchor of douyu, must also want to protect her first sister. Because last time, Feng Timo has been exposed an indecent incident, and fajie is very clean at present. But after this incident, I don't know whether it is because of the pressure of public opinion that douyu finally Announce the permanent closure of the live broadcast room of fajie.

This time, Chen Yifa's millions of fans are really homeless, and they have to make people feel that the anchor really needs to pay attention to his words and deeds at all times, or he would have ruined his future several years ago. A brother and a sister are really bad!