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Is Valentine's day on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018 suitable for getting married? Does Qixi Civil Aff

Does the Civil Affairs Bureau of Chinese Valentine's day work in 2018? Is it OK to get a marriage license on Chinese Valentine's day in 2018? For many couples, do they want to choose a day with special significance to get married? Chinese Valentine's Day is very good! We have traveled many bridges in many places, seen many clouds, drank many kinds of wine, but only loved a person of the best age.

Does the Civil Affairs Bureau work on Valentine's day on Chinese Valentine's day in 2018

The Chinese Valentine's day in 2018 is Friday, August 17, public, and the Civil Affairs Bureau is on duty.

How about getting a marriage certificate on Valentine's day on Chinese Valentine's day in 2018

It's a great time to get married.

August 17, 2018 lunar calendar July 7, 2018 Leo

Suitable for marriage, engagement, adoption, zaoguan, Jiji, tailoring, relatives and friends, animal husbandry and safety machinery, business opening, voucher, finance and bed setting

Avoid digging wells and going to the ground for funeral

Chongchong pig (Yihai) Shadong

Let's talk about it in the circle of friends with marriage license:

1. Your favorite music is your voice, your favorite words are what you said, your favorite road is the road you walk with, and your favorite person is you.

2. If I can love a career as much as I love you, I will succeed in everything I do.

3. Forget a lot of things, only you have always been my exclusive memory.

4. Originally, I was separated from you for a long time, but when you smiled in front of me again, it felt like you just bought a bottle of water downstairs, and then stepped on the steps composed of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and then came to me.

5. I want to go all the way south, away from the winter without you.

6. I will not ask you how you are doing in the future. I will accompany you to the old age myself.

7. If you have a strong feeling when you first see it, and a long-term peace of mind after you are familiar with it, it's probably true love.

8. I always thought 'I love you' was a confession, but later I found it was actually loneliness. I love you!

9. Seeing a gentleman, Yunhu is not happy

10. May someone share the evening with me. May someone ask me if my porridge is warm. May that person be you. I will be late. I love you!

11. I only hope you and I are good, not suspicious of each other, and not praised each other. As usual, you and I talk as they talk to themselves, and I talk to you as they talk to themselves. Tell me, how about you and me? -- Wang Xiaobo's love you is like love life

12. I'm willing to hear you scold me, and I'm not willing to let other women kiss me. --Thomas & middot Hardy

13. Give me a small part of your heart, take my whole. --George & middot; sang

14. Would you like to sublimate our pure revolutionary friendship. --"The secret of seeking the Dragon when the ghost blows the lamp"

15. 'eat more. I like more places. Anonymous

16. We are all redundant people in the world, but at least we are the most important people in the world for each other. -- Zhu Shenghao

17. I have no other way, I have love; no other genius, is love; no other ability, just love; no other motivation, just love. --Love eyebrow letter by Xu Zhimo

18. As soon as you show up, everyone else looks like that. --Li Ronghao's do not make do with it

19. I have traveled many bridges, seen many clouds, drunk many kinds of wine, but only loved a person of the best age. -- Shen Congwen

20. Love words don't need to be too advanced. You can understand me.