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What's the matter with the hostess joking about the massacre? First time response to apology

As a public figure, we must pay attention to our words and deeds! Recently, there was a video about Chen yifa'er who made a wrong speech in the live broadcast room in 2016, which was not in line with the values that douyu always insisted on. In this platform, we apologized to the netizens for the lack of supervision and profound reflection.

In response to this incident, the live platform of douyu handled as follows: 1. Douyu decided to require the anchor Chen yifa'er to rectify the live content. 2. Carry out platform self inspection and self correction, comprehensively check the live content of the platform, and have zero tolerance for illegal and wrong speech. 3. Further strengthen the content audit force, expand the content audit team, start the part-time over management recruitment work, establish an efficient user reporting team, and deal with the live illegal content as soon as possible.

As one of the important carriers of network communication, douyu will continue to strengthen the self-examination, strengthen the management of the anchor, standardize the anchor's words and deeds, guide and spread more positive energy, actively spread the green live content, let the theme and positive energy dominate the network space, and take our corporate responsibility and social responsibility for building a clean and healthy network space.