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What is the date of 2018 farmers harvest festival? Do farmers have a good harvest holiday?

Which day is the farmers' harvest festival in 2018? Agriculture is an important support related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Do you know what month is the farmers' harvest festival? Many people are unfamiliar with the farmer's harvest festival. They haven't heard of it, and even wonder if it's true. Because this festival was decided in 2018, we don't know much about it. Let's have a look at the day of 2018 farmers harvest festival.

Which day is the 2018 farmers' harvest festival? Which day is the 2018 farmers' harvest festival: September 23, 2018 Sunday 1898 (year of dog) August 14 farmers' harvest festival is actually set at the lunar autumnal equinox, because the autumnal equinox is just around the time of autumn harvest, September 23, 2018 is the first farmers' harvest festival, because the establishment of this festival is June 21, 2018, established by the State Council.

what are the results of the activities of the farmers harvest festival, such as sun harvest, farming cultural activities, e-commerce promotion to help harvest and agricultural related cultural performances. In this way, can we not only play the main role of farmers, but also make them more happy in the joy of harvest. In the "Chinese farmers harvest festival", farmers are the protagonist and key of the festival. Farmers can organize and carry out cultural and recreational activities related to life and ecology according to local famous and popular culture and farming.